Jessa Duggar says in a heartbreaking video that she lost Baby No. 5 because of a miscarriage.

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, were saddened after a heartbreaking 18-minute video of her sharing the news of her loss was posted on YouTube.

The couple was expecting their fifth child and had gathered their four children to celebrate.

But, when they went to the clinic for a checkup, an ultrasound technician informed them that the baby had died despite the healthy-looking sac.

Jessa burst into tears as she and Ben grieved while still holding hands.

Jessa struggled to accept the physicians’ dismal diagnosis before the dilatation and curettage procedure.

Even so, she was brave enough to face her pain and show her real feelings in a video called “Heartbreak Over the Holidays.” She remembers feeling compelled to request another ultrasound if they had made a mistake.

Jessa’s most painful memory was being carried away just before the treatment began.

Even though the prognosis was not promising, she hoped for the best. Her statements spoke of finding comfort in the death of a loved one, suggesting that it made Heaven that much sweeter.

On November 1, 2014, Jessa and Ben married to commemorate their union. After a year of marriage, they welcomed their first child, Spurgeon Elliott, on November 5, 2015.

Their second son, Henry Wilberforce, was born two years later, in February 2017. In addition, the couple welcomed their two daughters, Ivy Jane, in May 2019 and Fern Elliana, in July 2021.

But, during one of her visits to the doctor’s office, Jessa had to have an operation, which left her with a great sense of emptiness because she never got to meet her unborn child or adequately say goodbye.

Fortunately, her husband and mother were able to provide immediate comfort following the procedure.