John Legend captions a nice shot of all four kids dressed alike, “Third Baby Wasn’t Baby for Long.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend surprised their fans on Instagram with a series of sweet photos of their adorable children.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have attracted the attention and curiosity of many people, who eagerly await insights into their personal and family lives as one of Hollywood’s power couples.

John Legend shared a sweet photo of all four of their children on Instagram. The children were dressed in matching white costumes with attractive blue stripes, which added to the photo’s adorable factor.

The two eldest children, Miles and Luna, sat on the lovely green lawn, cradling one of the two infants, Wren and Estie, in their loving arms.

This famous couple’s fans and admirers swarmed the comment section with overwhelming affection and genuine inquiries. One internet user expressed surprise at how quickly the third child had grown, demonstrating their attention to detail and love for the family’s journey.

Another person described the family as a real blessing and inquired about the newest arrival, prompting someone else to reveal the child’s name is Wren.

Teigen’s comment area was flooded with both adoration and gratitude. A specific comment lauded Luna for being an outstanding big sister, lavishing her with compliments for her caring personality.

Despite this, a few people couldn’t help but speculate about the coming of the fourth child. “When did event number four happen?” one individual joked. I’m getting behind! “Happy New Year!” Their joy and good wishes were palpable, expressing genuine interest and support from people worldwide.

A commentator clarified the situation, stating that Wren is the couple’s surrogate child. This discovery added another dimension of love and warmth to the family’s story, highlighting the power of surrogacy and the unique ways families come together.

Another internet user couldn’t help but notice the fantastic likeness between the children and their parents when they were younger, stressing the importance of strong family relationships and the transmission of features from generation to generation.

Estie, the family’s youngest member, was born in 2023, bringing immense joy to her mother, who had always wished for four children. Teigen and Legend decided to look into several alternatives for increasing their family. They started a new pregnancy while simultaneously using the services of a surrogate.

As they entered the “safe zone” of their surrogate’s pregnancy with Estie, they learned that Teigen was also expecting. Wren, their “little boy,” was being carried by their surrogate.

Legend paused to convey his joy and pleasure in his children. “Our children are extremely excited to have younger siblings,” he said. They like cuddling and lavishing affection on Estie.” This touching statement reflected the siblings’ loving link, demonstrating the family’s warmth and harmony.

Teigen documented her happy moment on Instagram, posting a photo of her smiling family. Mom, Dad, and the two eldest children enjoyed a fantastic vacation when the snapshot was taken at a delightful resort.

The photograph exuded joy and contentment, capturing the beauty of their family bond and producing treasured memories that will endure a lifetime.