Kirstie Alley, the Emmy-winning actress who died on Monday after being diagnosed with cancer, is being mourned by John Travolta.

Travolta described his frequent co-star Kirstie as “one of the most special friendships I’ve ever had” on Instagram. “Kirstie, you are appreciated. I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.”

Look Who’s Talking, a comedy written and directed by Amy Heckerling, was released in 1989. The story revolves around a single mother who meets and falls in love with a cab driver (Travolta), and Bruce Willis voices the child they raised together.

The film successfully revived Travolta’s career and allowed Alley to transition from Cheers to a cinematic star. Look Who’s Talking inspired a short-lived sitcom, Baby Talk, in which Tony Danza played the baby’s voice. Look Who’s Talking Too and Look Who’s Talking Now were sequels.

Alley Parker’s children announced her death on social media following a long fight with cancer. According to a post, she was a loving mother and grandma who fought hard till the end. They say she was a fantastic actress, but her greatest accomplishment was as a mother and grandmother.

On Celebrity Big Brother U.K. in 2018, actress Kirstie Alley discussed her longtime friend, John Travolta, stating she “nearly ran away and married him.” Alley still loves Travolta and would have flown to marry him if he wasn’t already married.

After his Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John died in August, John Travolta was forced to write a memorial for her. “My beloved Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better,” Travolta said of Newton-John, who died of cancer. “You had a huge influence. I adore you to pieces. We’ll see each other again when we’re all back together.”

Alley was well-known for her quick wit, infectious laugh, and endearing silliness. Fans adored her not only for her acting abilities but also for her upbeat outlook on life. She was a strong believer and diligent advocate for a variety of causes, including animal rights and environmental protection.

Kirstie Alley will be remembered as an inspirational woman whose legacy lives on via her collection of work and the enduring impact she had on the lives of so many people. Kirstie Alley, rest in peace. Your presence will never be forgotten. May the heavens above grant you eternal serenity.

Thank you for remembering this beautiful woman who touched so many people. Let us pause to remember her and celebrate all that she did during her lifetime. You are no longer with us, but you will not be forgotten! Kirstie Alley, rest in peace.