On what would have been the actress’ 60th birthday, John Travolta remembered his late wife, Kelly Preston. John recently paid respect to the demise of his cherished co-star Olivia Newton-John. Even when he misses her the most, he always takes a moment to reflect on his late wife, Kelly Preston.

The What a Girl Wants actress, 57, lost her battle with breast cancer on July 12, 2020, after a protracted and difficult struggle. As he also grieved for his co-star Olivia Newton-John, John has had a particularly trying month.

With a throwback image of the two from what seems to be a movie premiere or party, John wished his wife a happy birthday. The actor’s wife wears chic clothing, while the actor is clothed in a black suit with leather lapels. In the image, they are tightly held together.

Kelly is pictured wearing a black dress with white piping and waist cut-outs, pearl drop earrings, and long blonde hair in a beehive. She radiates happiness and assurance.

In the caption, John wished his favorite dance partner a happy birthday. “Kelly, we miss and adore you.” Soon after, admirers left birthday wishes for her in the comments area, writing: “Sweet photo!” and “Hope you have a great birthday party in heaven, Kelly, big kisses to you, John, Ella, and Ben.” A number of heart and angel emojis were also posted by a fan, along with the words “Happy, beautiful birthday Kelly.”

John has been more committed than ever to spending time with his kids since Kelly’s passing. No matter what they are doing—whether it’s Benjamin playing baseball or Ella Bleu singing—he supports them in their endeavors and passions. John wants to make sure that they preserve Kelly’s memory and hold onto their love for her.

Ella and Benjamin have a close relationship. John frequently shares glimpses into their daily lives, showcasing Benjamin’s incredible gymnastics, praising Ella for her musical prowess, and whisking them away on beautiful vacations.

Rest in peace, Kelly. You will always be remembered and loved. Kelly Preston is still very much a part of Hollywood. She has established herself as one of the most adored actresses in the business with an excellent record.

Kelly Preston’s performance, both on and off the screen, will be remembered. The exquisite work Kelly left behind will serve as a living tribute to her energy and soul.” Reese Witherspoon, a close friend, said on Instagram, “I’m so sorry for her family; I love you all deeply.

John Travolta, her husband, will undoubtedly mourn her terribly, but he will always have the memories of their time spent together. “Kelly’s love and life will always be remembered,” he wrote.