Kelly Clarkson Admits To ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Spanking Her Children As A Form Of Parental Discipline

Kelly Clarkson rose to prominence in 2002 after winning the popular competitive reality series. Since then, the skilled vocalist has sold millions of albums and performed at concerts worldwide.

Songs like “Since You Have Been Gone,” “My Life Would Suck Without You,” and “Because Of You” have stayed with her admirers.

Her incredible vocal range and tone have cemented her place as one of America’s most exceptional and recognizable pop performers.

Clarkson has had successful performances in films and television shows in addition to her musical accomplishments. Nonetheless, her charming charm and delightful humor have won her fans.

Her involvement as a judge on the widely known singing competition “The Voice” and the host of her talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” has increased her already tremendous fame. She is regarded as one of the most famous women in the entertainment sector.

Kelly Clarkson’s personal life has been highly observed in the nearly two decades she has been in the public eye. In 2013, Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock, the former stepson of country music icon Reba McEntire.

They later had two children, River and Remington, and two elder children from Blackstock’s prior relationship.

Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage did not last, and Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020. The ensuing legal struggle over child custody and money were very heated.

Clarkson eventually obtained primary custody of the children and ownership of their Montana ranch, which had been a subject of dispute throughout the divorce process. The property is worth a whopping $10.4 million.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Clarkson managed to come out on top. She has always been fiercely independent and resilient; her strength served her well during this trying period.

Her moral strength and ability to persist in the face of tragedy continue to inspire her millions of dedicated supporters worldwide.

Kelly Clarkson sparked outrage in 2018 when she admitted to hitting her children as a form of discipline. This triggered a debate regarding whether such practices are acceptable in the present era.

On the other hand, the aftermath of her public divorce procedures had a substantial influence on her business, necessitating revisions to her talk program, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” to accommodate her personal demands and desires.

Clarkson discussed how becoming a single parent has changed her perspective on work in a recent interview with Variety in September 2022. She claimed that she delayed her performance by 30 minutes to spend more time with her children and drive them to school.

“My nanny then takes over.” “At the very least, I can spend the mornings and evenings with them,” she explained.

She has also learned the value of not keeping anything from her children but being open about difficult days and vulnerable moments.

Clarkson’s personal life has impacted her job, but her dedication to being a present and emotionally truthful parent is remarkable. Her methods of discipline may or may not be acceptable, but her devotion to her family is apparent.