Kelly Clarkson’s cryptic remark elicits an emotional response from her followers.

Kelly Clarkson recently surprised her fans when she posted a mysterious message on her social media.

Her tweet included a precise combination of symbols, such as a glass of red wine, a broken heart, and a ray of sunshine. Also, three characters were added to the end of her Twitter handle.

The post soon sparked suspicion among Kelly’s admirers, who assumed she was announcing the forthcoming release of new music.

Many fans are waiting for more information from the singer-songwriter, and they are filled with enthusiasm.

Kelly Clarkson recently announced her upcoming album with three emojis, which excited fans. The American singer-songwriter said that the three symbols meant her new project on an episode of her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Supporters were overjoyed to read the post, believing it as a sign that the long-awaited album would be released shortly.

Following her divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock, who had two children named River Rose and Remington Alexander, Kelly’s emotional journey inspired the song.

She told Variety last year that during their time apart, she and her producer wrote over 25 songs in just one week. Kelly used parts of these lines in her subsequent work, drawing on her experience.

To be able to discuss and promote the record, she opted to focus on Christmas music in the meantime to keep things cheerful.

She also admitted to needing time to get over something before being able to discuss it, an apparent reference to her recent divorce.

The celebrity also paid respect to actor Lance Reddick, who died before the show aired on Thursday.

Fans can expect an honest and emotional musical journey from Underwood’s latest release, thanks to her open-hearted approach to her work.