Kenny Rogers’ widow recalls his encouraging her to find someone after he died.

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Wanda Rogers rediscovers love and happiness.

Wanda Rogers, the widow of country music legend Kenny Rogers, has begun a new chapter in her life, rediscovering love after the death of her beloved husband in a beautiful story of love and courage.

Wanda shared a touching memory from the past, revealing that Kenny, best known for his legendary song “The Gambler,” once advised her to find love again after he was no longer by her side.

He knew life was fleeting and stated, “I’m not going to stay here forever.” Wanda described their chat to People magazine as Kenny’s remarks striking a chord with her, saying, “I want you to be happy.” You’re still relatively young. “I want you to have a full life even after I’m gone.” Wanda, though, was initially apprehensive and said, “What? I’m not interested in talking about it.”

In March 2020, the world said goodbye to Kenny Rogers, who died peacefully at 81, leaving behind a legacy that will live on in the annals of music history.

Wanda’s life following her husband’s departure was filled with difficulties. However, she chose to fulfill Kenny’s desires by accepting the idea of moving on and finding happiness again.

Kenny’s profound love for their twin children, Justin and Jordan, who had just graduated from high school, fueled his desire for Wanda to understand that life carries on even after a loved one dies. He wanted her to know that happiness would eventually return to her.

Wanda’s top priority was to show her sons that resiliency and finding joy after a loss are testaments to the strength of the human spirit. “Showing the lads that life goes on is one of the most important things,” she said.

“It does,” she said with sincere confidence. “I’m dating someone fantastic.” Kenny went out of his way to make me happy and wanted me to continue.

It takes a powerful man to say those things and mean them. That, I feel, merely reflects the kind of man he was.”

Wanda reflected on the beginning of her newfound love story, recalling how fate intervened when Kenny set her up on a blind date at an Atlanta restaurant in 1993.

Their connection grew into a true friendship, culminating in their marriage in 1997.

Wanda’s current spouse was introduced to her by a mutual friend who had previously dated her sister. Fate seemed to intervene again, directing her toward someone who shared many qualities she valued in Kenny.

Wanda described her lover as exuding attributes like “leadership and positive energy,” which reminded her of her affection for the iconic musician.

Wanda Rogers found the resolve to honor her late husband’s wish and accept the joy life still offers on this magnificent journey of rediscovering love.

Wanda’s perseverance and open heart led her to a new chapter filled with hope, love, and Kenny Rogers’ enduring spirit as she navigated through pain and loss. Her story is a touching reminder that even in the middle of grief, love’s light can find a way to shine brightly once more.