Learning to drive with his son Bo was described by Luke Bryan as a “nightmare.”

Bo, the 15-year-old son of country artist Luke Bryan, is now learning to drive, but it is a challenging experience. The famous musician described the event as a “nightmare.”

Bryan revealed to Katie & Company on Audacy, “He’s going through the whole learner’s permit nightmare at 15.” We’re putting in much work to teach him because he’s not a good driver yet.”

Despite Bo’s prior expertise operating other vehicles, his talents translate poorly to driving a car.

“He’s feeling increasingly frustrated because he believes he already knows how to drive, even though he’s clueless about many aspects,” Bryan added. He believes he’s perfect because he can ride a 4-wheeler or a Polaris, but he’s not.”

Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan’s wife, has also taken on teaching duties. Mama Bryan uploaded a touching video to celebrate their child passing the driver’s permit exam.

In the video, she can be heard saying, “Bo just successfully passed his driver’s permit test,” while their younger son Tate rejoices in the backseat.

In an earlier joke, Caroline said she might need drugs to get through these driving lessons.

The singer of the hit song “But I’ve Got a Beer in My Hand” has been open about his intention to take a break from music to spend more time with his family.

Bryan admits that he hasn’t always managed to strike the perfect work-life balance, but he says, “I work incredibly hard to be present at home despite my demanding schedule, and I make the most of every moment I have with them.”

In reflection, he tells Entertainment Tonight, “You simply strive to make every precious minute count when you’re together.”