Legendary rock and roll singer Tina Turner passes away at age 83.

According to her spokeswoman, Inger Tina Turner, a legendary musician known for her explosive stage presence and number-one singles like “Proud Mary” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” has died at 83. A tremendous musical powerhouse has failed, and the globe is mourning.

Turner, who was born Anna Mae Bullock in the little Tennessee hamlet of Nutbush, had a spectacular career that lasted an incredible 60 years and had a lasting impact on the music business.

She was born into a mixed American-Swiss family, blending several musical genres with ease while captivating audiences across the globe with her distinctive voice and stage presence.

Turner won many honors along the way, including eight coveted Grammy Awards, solidifying her place among the most significant performers of her age. She was officially recognized for her enormous contributions to music and entertainment by receiving stars on the illustrious Hollywood Walk of Fame and the prestigious St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Turner’s book, “I, Tina,” which details her life, struck a chord with many people worldwide. The book inspired the 1993 biographical movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” which explored Turner and her turbulent marriage to Ike Turner.

The movie received positive reviews and earned Angela Bassett a nomination for an Academy Award for her outstanding performance as Tina.

In addition to her phenomenal singing career, Turner ended her touring career in 2008, saying goodbye to the stage where she had given many thrilling performances. Fans and other artists were in awe of her incredible legacy due to her choice, which signaled the end of an era.

As we consider Inger Tina Turner’s life and work, we honor a woman who bravely challenged social standards, broke down boundaries, and inspired many aspiring artists.

She will always have a special place in the hearts of music fans everywhere because of her strong voice, genuine passion, and unapologetic presence.

Even though she may no longer perform, her songs will always be a monument to the unmatched skill of a great music legend. She leaves a lasting legacy that will continue inspiring future artists and stoke their passion and determination.

Turner, the uncontested Queen of Rock and Roll, began a new chapter in her personal life in 2013 when she wed her longtime partner, German music businessman Erwin Bach, in a formal civil ceremony in Switzerland. The pair have lived together amid Switzerland’s calm beauty since 1994, sharing love and camaraderie.

Turner had been married to musician Ike from 1962 until 1978; their happy relationship represented their second union. Turner, however, experienced unfathomable tribulations throughout her turbulent relationship with Ike behind the scenes of celebrity.

The talented vocalist bravely shared her story of abuse in her book from 1986, illuminating the murky circumstances surrounding her formative years. The story depicted the bleak reality of her suffering, including an agonizing episode in which her ex-spouse fractured her nose.

Ike’s death in December 2007 left Turner with conflicted feelings. Her spokesman confirmed the revelation, who acknowledged that Tina hadn’t spoken to Ike in more than three decades. The message clarified that no other remarks would be made, providing time for introspection and resolution.

Turner’s tenacity was put under strain in recent years as she dealt with serious health issues. She was given the awful news that she had colon cancer in 2016 and immediately started fighting.

Despite the challenges she encountered, Turner persevered and won the battle, demonstrating her courageous spirit. She is a brilliant example of bravery who had a life-saving kidney transplant in 2017, which is a testimonial to her unyielding willpower and the support and affection she got from her loving family and medical personnel.

Throughout her life, Turner was the perfect example of grace, perseverance, and endurance. Millions of people all around the globe were moved by her successes and hardships, both on and off the stage.

Turner persevered despite her challenges, proving that fortitude and courage can get one through the most trying circumstances. Her inspiring story shows how the human spirit can triumph over any challenge and leave an unbreakable legacy for future generations.