Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter breaks the silence.

Priscilla Presley, the late Lisa Marie Presley’s mother, announced on January 12th that her talented and strong-willed daughter had died. Priscilla, who described her daughter as “the fieriest, most powerful, and kindest woman [she] ever knew,” requested privacy during their time of loss. Lisa Marie, according to accounts, experienced a heart attack before suddenly passing on her way to the hospital.

During her lifetime, she had three children: Benjamin Keough was born from her first marriage to Danny Keough, and Michael Lockwood fathered Finley and Harper Lockwood in 2006. Riley has often spoken about growing up with a rock ‘n’ roll mother, but none of Lisa Marie’s children have talked about her passing.

Though it is hard to know how they behaved as mother and daughter, we may conclude from previous interviews that their connection was filled with love and support.

Riley Keough had a close relationship with her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, and has stated that she was an inspiration in her life. Her mother did not want her to be “just another famous Hollywood daughter,” so she grew up away from the spotlight. Riley told Nylon in 2016 that she didn’t see a tabloid until she was 15 and that this was on purpose.

Just days before her mother’s death, the actress opened up to People Magazine, expressing how significant Lisa Marie had been in her life. She described her mother as strong and bright, stating that she always chased her dreams regardless of what others thought, pushing Riley to do the same.

Riley said that growing up with a figure like Lisa Marie taught her to value strength and power and inspired her to pursue her dreams without fear of condemnation or criticism from the outside world. She also complimented her mother’s commitment to good parenting for shielding Riley from the stress of being part of one of showbiz’s most famous families.

Lisa Marie Presley’s most outstanding achievement in life was becoming a mother. In an interview with ABC News in 2004, she said, “Everything is better when you have children.” She said that her children serve as an anchor for her; no matter what she is going through, they are always there to offer her unshakable support and comfort.

Furthermore, while appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show with daughter Riley Keough, Lisa Marie revealed her desire to shield Riley from the demanding expectations that come with being the kid of a famous star. She wanted her children to pursue whatever interests them without feeling compelled to compete or frightened by their family’s celebrity.

Lisa Marie’s desire was for her children to live freely and pursue whatever goals and dreams they had in mind, free of pressure or external judgment.

Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter Riley Keough have had a close bond. Lisa Marie has been giving her daughter guidance on how to make it in the entertainment world as an affluent child from a star family, emphasizing the importance of the laborious effort to be taken seriously.

Lisa Marie and Riley collaborated in the final months of her life to promote their 2022 film “Elvis,” which stars Austin Butler as Lisa Marie’s late father, Elvis Presley. During their conversations, they discussed how this film would honor his memory.

Riley, sadly, was born 12 years after Elvis’ death in 1997. As a result, she relied primarily on her mother’s stories to learn about him. It was an extraordinarily emotional experience for both of them when they attended the premiere of “Elvis” together at Graceland – something neither will ever forget.

Riley could not control her emotions after five minutes of watching the film and began crying, a reaction matched by her mother’s tears. To commemorate this wonderful project, the Presleys posed for photos on the red carpet in Hollywood with Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, Finley Lockwood (Riley’s daughter), and Harper Lockwood (Riley’s stepdaughter).

Riley later shared some of these precious moments with her admirers on social media, reminding everyone how strong their family tie was.