Little Johnny Was In Class – Joke

Little Johnny was in class and the teacher announced that they were going to try something different to help everyone get to know each other a little better and to help with their spelling.

She explained: “I want you to stand up and give us the occupation of your father, spell it, and say one thing he would give us all if he was here today.” The first student raised her hand to volunteer.

Marcy,” the teacher said. “You may go first.” Marcy replied: “My father is a banker. B-A-N-K-E-R and if he was here today, he would give us all a shiny new penny.” The teacher said: “Very nice, Marcy, who wants to go next?” Kevin stood up and announced: “My father is a baker. B-A-K-E-R and if he was here today, he would give us all a freshly-baked cookie.”

“Very good,” the teacher told Kevin. Jeff was next, and he said: My father is an accountant. A-K, no wait, A-C-K, no…” Before he could attempt to spell it once more, the teacher cut him off and told him to sit back down and to think about it for a while. When he thought he knew how to spell it, he could stand back up and try again.

Little Johnny raised his hand in excitement hoping to be acknowledged by the teacher. The teacher called on little Johnny to go next. Johnny said: “My father is a bookie. B-O-O-K-I-E and if he was here today, he would give us all 20:1 odds Jeff will never be able to spell “accountant.”

Here are some more jokes for you:

“When Baking Takes a Dive”

Why did the baker start making bread on a submarine?

Because he wanted to experience the thrill of rising dough in deep water!

The Astronomer’s Party Title: “Stellar Social Gathering”

Why did the astronomer throw a party on the moon?

Because he wanted to have a “space”tacular time with some out-of-this-world guests!

The Forgetful Gardener Title: “Blooming Amnesia”

Why did the forgetful gardener bring a ladder to the garden?

Because he heard the plants needed a little “uplifting” reminder to grow!

The Haunted Computer Title: “Tech-Terror Troubles”

Why did the computer refuse to enter the haunted house?

Because it was afraid of catching a virus… of the supernatural kind!

The Fitness-Obsessed Ghost Title: “Spectral Workout Routine”

Why did the ghost join the gym?

Because it heard you could get a “killer” workout without even breaking a sweat!

The Musical Snail Title: “Concert by Nature”

Why did the snail bring a piano to the garden?

Because it wanted to play some “slow” and melodious tunes for all its fellow creatures!

The Time-Traveling Chef Title: “Culinary Chronologies”

Why did the chef go back in time to the dinosaur era?

Because he wanted to learn the original recipe for “prehistoric” barbecue!

The Philosophical Parrot Title: “Feathered Existentialist”

Why did the parrot start pondering the meaning of life?

Because it realized that squawking without purpose was just “empty” chatter!

The Marathon-Sleeping Cat Title: “Feline Fitness Strategy”

Why did the cat sign up for a marathon?

Because it thought it was a “catnap” competition and believed in winning by snoozing!

The Dancing Mathematician Title: “Numbers on the Dance Floor”

Why did the mathematician bring a calculator to the dance party?

Because they wanted to make sure they could “count” on having a great time on the dance floor!