Mark Consuelos Explains to Kelly Ripa He Is Against Having More Children

Mark Consuelos, who is married to Kelly Ripa, recently said in an exclusive interview that he doesn’t want any more kids and is looking forward to becoming a grandfather.

Although the couple has no plans to have more children, the 51-year-old looks forward to taking on a new role as a grandparent one day.

When asked if he would ever contemplate remarrying after Ripa, Consuelos responded that due to his age and desire for no more children, he would be doubtful to get into another marriage.

He said he would want to be something other than an older father with extra responsibilities. The married couple Ripa and Consuelos are about to start a new and exciting part of their lives: they will become grandparents!

When raising their children, the couple may have thought they were too young to be parents. However, Ripa says that many older men she knows are now taking the same path.

Consuelos then expresses his joy at being a grandfather and says this is all the parenting he wants. The couple has three children: a 25-year-old son named Michael, a 20-year-old son named Joaquin, and a 21-year-old daughter named Lola.

Last month, Kelly Ripa had a unique way of celebrating her son’s 20th birthday by posting throwback photos on her Instagram Story.

The important event showed the 52-year-old mother of three how quickly time can go by, and the fact that her children are now officially adults marked a significant change.

During her appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she pondered this, commenting to co-host Ryan Seacrest that watching her kids grow up was like “a flash.”

Ryan inquired if she and Mark were proud parents now that their three children were grown, and Kelly responded enthusiastically that it felt like only a second had passed.

Kelly Ripa is overjoyed to have started her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera, with Kelly Ripa.

This next show was made in collaboration with SiriusXM and Milojo Productions, which she owns with her husband, Mark Consuelos. Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Carol Burnett, and Matthew McConaughey will be the first to appear on the show when it starts on March 22.

She reflected on their decision to launch the podcast now rather than later, imagining how things would have turned out if they had waited until their children were older.