Matt Roloff is in desperate need of our prayers.

Matt Roloff, the well-known Little People, Big World celebrity, recently announced that his son Zach Roloff is having surgery.

Matt put a picture of Zach with his kids on Instagram and wrote that he had a shunt revision, a medical treatment for hydrocephalus.

Johns Hopkins Medicine says that a shunt is a hollow tube surgically put into the brain or spine. This allows cerebrospinal fluid to be drained and sent to another body part where it can be reabsorbed.

It is a good treatment for hydrocephalus, which is caused by an excessive accumulation of this fluid within brain cavities.

Zach has had this health issue since birth, as he is one of the thousands of people born with hydrocephalus.

While it has generally been well managed over the years with frequent follow-ups and constant monitoring of his shunt system, he now requires an operation to modify it to ensure the long-term health of his body.

Zach’s family is going through a difficult time because they have opted to go with a shunt revision treatment to enhance his health.

This advanced procedure, which can be performed under general anesthesia, is designed to decrease brain pressure and address symptoms such as trouble walking, mild dementia, and bladder control concerns.

Although the family has revealed no further details, they remain in daily contact and communication as they support and care for their son.

Matt recently gave them an update on Instagram and thanked them for their strength and dedication during this challenging time.

He emphasized Tori’s determined fight for what she believes is in her son’s best interests as he endures this critical adjustment to his shunt. He also asked that everyone keep Zach in their thoughts and prayers, hoping for a quick and complete recovery following the treatment.

Tori, Zach’s wife, asked her followers on social media to pray for the marriage in a post she made. Tori, who is 31 years old, wrote in an Instagram Story that has since been deleted that she didn’t want to tell her fans that Zach would need surgery to fix his shunt.

She knew she had to say it to them because she believed in the power of prayer and wanted as much support as possible behind her.

Tori reasoned that by notifying everyone about what was going on, everyone who cared about them could join in sending good thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery.

Zach and Tori were worried about their upcoming medical treatments, which they had been told were normal.

Despite the physicians’ assurances, Tori and Zach were worried about the procedure because they didn’t know what to expect. “We have no idea what to expect,” Tori stated about the situation. “But we have faith in our medical team and are praying for the best possible outcome. ”

We would be grateful for any prayers or positive thoughts you send us.

Tori and Zach realized that no one could guarantee a successful outcome from this medical treatment, but they wanted to trust those looking after them.

They both wanted to be vital no matter what happened, so they thought that having the support of family and friends through prayer or nice words would help them get through this difficult time.

All they could do was pray for a favorable conclusion while placing their trust in those who vowed to do their best to look after them.