Michael Bublé’s son is in need of prayers.

Michael Bublé recently revealed the enormous emotional strain caused by his son Noah’s liver cancer diagnosis, including the fact that he stopped singing in the shower.

Since Noah’s life-threatening illness was discovered in 2016, the renowned singer and songwriter, now 47 years old, admits to being completely overwhelmed by the ordeal.

When asked why he had stopped listening to music, Bublé stated that he was no longer in the habit of singing in the shower because he was too preoccupied with caring for his family and dealing with his mental health.

Michael initially believed he would never have another opportunity to perform and that it was entirely out of his reach. Bublé and his wife Luisana, on the other hand, have two children, Elias, six, and Vida, three, who have brought them hope and joy in difficult times.

Despite his return to the studio in 2018, Michael Bublé has now revealed that he was far from being ready for the experience – admitting that he was “a wreck.”

The celebrity expressed his gratitude for being able to avoid feeling vulnerable on stage until this point in his career, and he felt an immense sense of freedom while performing that particular show, which ended with him being unable to contain his emotions.

Noah, who is now eight years old, has found a silver lining in this difficult period after learning that his parents are expecting their fourth child. In contrast to a previous performance in which Michael could maintain his composure, this time, he broke down. He felt liberated by losing the protection mechanism to which he had grown accustomed.

This beautiful moment served as a reminder to take some time for self-reflection and healing, even in the midst of our daily routines and duties.

During an interview with Smooth Radio in December, the father expressed his overwhelming relief and gratitude for his son’s cancer remission. He admitted that the five years since his son’s diagnosis had been difficult. Still, he found comfort in knowing that he was becoming more self-sufficient, resilient, and resourceful than either.

He explained that while his family was still struggling due to the events, he reminded himself and his son of their strength by frequently assuring him that he was a superhero. Even though he was a regular young boy in most ways, this special recognition from his father gave him the strength to overcome anything life threw at him.

Despite the anxiety that comes with checkups and scans, they remain optimistic about the future as they continue their journey together.