Michael J. Fox is a devoted family man and a great actor. Four of their children—all now adults—were born to him and his wife, Tracy Pollan. Over the years, they have had plenty on their plate!

Despite receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Michael and his wife went on to have three more kids. He has found motivation in his family’s love and support as he fights this illness.

Esme, 20, Aquinnah, and Schuyler, who are identical twins and are all 27 years old, and Sam, who is 33, are his only children. The couple has been married since 1988.

They all try to avoid the spotlight whenever possible, unlike their father. Their eldest sibling has only a public Instagram account that anybody can access.

The only child of the performer, who also happens to resemble Michael, frequently updates his followers on his family life and posts images of the artist. Sam, Michael’s oldest child, is a carbon copy of his father.

Sam never forgets to show his father how much he loves and values him on his birthday. Although Michael’s twins have participated with their father in some public events to increase awareness of Parkinson’s disease, nothing is known about them. This demonstrates their closeness as a family and their love for their father.

The Michaels are a very close-knit family, and Michael enjoys being a father very much. The Back to the Future actor offered his daughters some affection on their birthdays. He stated in an Instagram photo, “A hundred times the laughs, twice the love. Today is the birthday of my beautiful girls. I love you a lot.”

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the family had to relocate to Long Island now that they are empty-nesters. They were a close-knit family before, and they’re even closer now that they’re spending more time together. The father is thankful for his time with his family, even if he finds it hard to accept that this is his life.

Phyllis Fox passed away at the age of 92. Her passing resulted in a significant loss for Michael’s family. Michael loved spending time with his family, but he just had to tell them that his mother had passed away.

Michael has had a lightbulb moment due to his commitment to finding a cure. Since receiving his cancer diagnosis a few years ago, Michael has dedicated his attention to finding a treatment. More than $1 billion has been raised by him for this cause.