Michael J. Fox’s latest tweet has fans in tears.

Michael J. Fox has had Parkinson’s disease since 1991. He is known for having a positive outlook and attitude all the time. Even though he is usually a nice guy, the actor recently admitted that this year has been challenging for his body.

He broke his jaw and hand in separate accidents, had shoulder replacement surgery, a fractured arm, and added to his sufferings by destroying his elbow joint.

At 61, the beloved actor admitted to feeling more acutely aware of the consequences of aging on his body.

Fox’s already weakened physical condition heightens the gravity of these injuries due to Parkinson’s disease.

Fox has to figure out how to live with an incurable neurological illness and deal with its side effects, like tremors and tiredness. As she ages, she also has to deal with broken bones, surgeries, and other health problems.

It’s easy to see why he’d feel even more burdened in 2021 and why paying attention to those who face similar problems is essential.

Michael, who has Parkinson’s disease, recently fractured his hand, causing him to lose his ability to use it momentarily.

As a result, his mobility has been greatly hampered, and he has unhappily fallen. Despite this unexpected setback, Michael is determined to take all necessary precautions to avoid future harm.

He sticks to the rule “don’t fall,” and he does this with the help of devices like walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and even people who hold onto a belt around his waist to keep him from falling. He is actively taking all available precautions to keep himself safe and secure.

Michael ensures that he fully utilizes these resources while utilizing them in tandem for maximum protection. This entails learning how to use each instrument correctly and getting the necessary support when needed.

As part of his daily routine, he performs various activities to improve his strength and balance while also improving his coordination and agility.

In doing so, Michael hopes his efforts will eventually pay off by allowing him to move more freely despite his impairment.

Michael, now in his late thirties, pondered the physical and mental consequences of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at such an early age.

As he spoke about his experience, he was open about the disturbing revelation that came with it. Despite this setback, Michael could walk without trouble and even loved walking by himself.

He had recently married Tracy Pollan, which added another layer of complication to his diagnosis; not only did he have to adjust to life with Parkinson’s, but he also had to discover how it would affect his relationship.

Nevertheless, Michael has remained determined throughout his journey and is glad of his progress: “I’m grateful I can walk normally again,” he stated warmly.

Although treatment can be rigorous and frequently stressful, Michael is dedicated to bettering himself through devotion and tenacity, despite the challenges that have come with Parkinson’s Disease.

When Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease early in their relationship, he gave his wife a lot of responsibility.

When he eventually called the strength to tell her the news, it was a highly charged moment for both of them, with them crying together in anguish and unity.

Despite its numerous hurdles, they have since accepted his sickness and sought to make the best of life.

Michael’s touching story was told in an interview on Nate Burleson’s show. He talked about how close he was with his wife and appreciated her help on this hard road that started with his diagnosis.

Hearing that news had been upsetting initially, but his wife had given him unfailing strength and friendship to help him get through it all.

Despite several challenges, they found a way forward by leaning on one another and never giving up hope.