Ree Drummond’s brother Michael Smith: family tragedy explained

Ree’s older brother, Michael Drummond, died at the age of 54 on October 30, 2021, bringing grief to the Drummond family.

Although the actual cause of death has not been disclosed, Michael’s close friend Dan Dalton stated in an online memorial that his death was quick and painless.

This revelation has devastated Ree, a well-known chef and author in addition to her lucrative Food Network show and a married mother of four who has appeared on various talk shows like The Today Show and The View.

Dan was the first to share the heartbreaking news of Mike’s death on social media. Betsy Drummond, his sister, posted a memorial on her Instagram account right after she saw what her brother had done.

Ree issued an emotional statement about the tragic event, expressing her grief with the words, “Michael Smith, you were everything.”

My brother Michael was a truly extraordinary person, and it is impossible to capture the fullness of his life in words. We shared a special kinship as siblings, although Michael was seventeen months older than me.

We generated many happy memories throughout our nearly fifty years together, which I will always cherish.

My parents will feel this loss the most acutely. Their steadfast commitment to Michael could never be equaled.

My heart goes out to them at this challenging time, and I hope they will find solace in knowing how much he was loved and respected by so many people.

Michael Smith, fondly known as Mike by his beloved family and friends, was the elder sibling of celebrity cook Ree Drummond. Ree and Mike were born into a four-person family in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, Michael had unique needs, but he was well-known in his community for his admiration for first responders who worked tirelessly to keep his community safe.

Following his death, the Washington County Emergency Management Agency offered condolences, remembering him as a cherished local icon and legend whose absence would be deeply mourned. They remembered him as someone who would never be forgotten.

The Bartlesville Professional Firefighters Union paid tribute to the late Michael Smith and expressed their regret at his absence while describing him as “one of a kind.”

His popularity grew due to his appearances on his sister’s Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman, and her blog posts.

After Mike died, his more youthful sister Betsy wrote a touching post on social media about how much she appreciated his unique personality and all the relationships he had made in his life.

She ended her post by expressing her undying love for Mikey. Many people touched by Michael’s good energy, carefree enthusiasm, and self-reliance are mourning his death.