After leaving football, Michael Strahan, a productive defensive end for the New York Giants, switched to television. His departure from Kelly Ripa was reportedly not friendly, and he is now the host of Good Morning America.

The native of Houston has established a solid reputation in the media after contributing as a football analyst to Fox NFL Sunday and co-hosting the nationally syndicated morning talk show Live! With Kelly and Michael.

She was so stunned when Ripa chose to leave Live! with Kelly and Michael that she had to take a week off from the program to gather herself.

When Michael said he was leaving the show for Good Morning America, Kelly was “blindsided.” She learned about it at the same time as the news organizations.

After taking a break, she addressed her audience, emphasizing the importance of respect, consideration, and communication in the workplace. Most likely, this was a reference to Michael’s departure.

She discussed the problem and acknowledged that she found it “outrageous.” She clarified that she didn’t make a scene because it didn’t matter to her.

Her candid words were met with a typical response from other female television celebrities. It’s simple to think that it’s just you, but many people, according to her, don’t feel heard at all.

Michael has also discussed the effects of his departure and acknowledged that they “could have been handled better.”

He stated: “On the show, I don’t want to feel like everyone else is carrying me. I want us to all succeed. I’ve done situations where I entered with team concepts only to learn upon arrival that it wasn’t about the team. Because it’s selfish, I can’t function effectively under it.”

“After working for this business for 26 years, I needed a few days to collect my thoughts,” Ripa informed her audience. “This sparked a more extensive discussion about workplace respect, communication, and consideration. There has been an apology.”

Strahan and Ripa twice won a Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Talk Show Host,” and their popularity grew during their time on the show. But six years after leaving the program, Strahan admitted that he and Ripa were no longer friends and that their connection had never fully recovered.

In an interview, he added, “I realized that you can’t convince people to like you. I haven’t talked to her in a while,”. In the past, Strahan had suggested that their working relationship wasn’t working out properly.

In another interview, he said, “I kept true to myself and didn’t compromise who I was for anyone else.” “Kelly and Executive Producer Michael Gelman gave me a lot to learn. But eventually, events that I couldn’t ignore took place behind the scenes, so I departed.”

We hope we’ll get to see them together once again in the future.