Miracle at Last: Missing Teen Found Safe After Years

In a heartwarming turn of events, fifteen-year-old Kayla Unbehaun, missing since 2017, has finally been found safe and sound in North Carolina!

The incredible breakthrough in her case came after her story was featured on the popular Netflix series “Unsolved Mysteries.” This is a story that reminds us of the power of public outreach and the impact that media coverage can have in reuniting families.

The discovery was made by a kind-hearted stranger who recognized Kayla while out shopping in Asheville and immediately alerted the authorities. Kayla’s biological father, Ryan Iskerka, expressed his immense gratitude and relief upon learning of her safe return. He now hopes for privacy and time to reconnect with his precious daughter, whom he has dearly missed.

Kayla’s disappearance three years ago, while under her mother’s care, sparked a widespread search effort. It wasn’t until 2022, when her case was brought to the attention of the public by “Unsolved Mysteries,” that awareness grew, and people rallied behind the search. Iskerka reported her missing when Kayla’s mother failed to appear for a scheduled custody exchange.

This inspiring story serves as a powerful reminder of the relentless effort put into locating missing persons and reuniting them with their families. The significant impact that a television show like “Unsolved Mysteries” can have on people’s lives is truly remarkable. It’s a beacon of hope for all those who are still searching for their missing loved ones.

Let this joyous outcome bring hope to those who are still searching. And remember, never give up, and keep spreading the message far and wide. It’s the collective effort that may hold the key to a reunion that changes everything.