Miranda Lambert yells out to supporters during a concert, and the audience is not impressed.

A sea of people engrossed in their smartphones is the most depressing sight for a performer. This sad situation happened during one of Miranda Lambert’s recent concerts, leaving the country music diva with mixed feelings.

The event happened during Lambert’s Saturday night gig in Las Vegas, where she has a residency. As she began to sing “Tin Man,” the 39-year-old observed a group of fans who seemed more interested in taking pictures than listening to the music.

She interrupted the performance, unable to ignore the distraction, and resolved to handle the issue head-on.

Miranda Lambert takes place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, in 2019, as part of her Miranda Lambert: Wayside Bars And Pink Guitars Tour, and also includes Caylee Hammack, Pistol Annies, Elle King, and Miranda Lambert.

To express her annoyance, the Texas-born artist singled out the inattentive girls in the audience, motioning toward them and saying, “I’m going to take a moment now… These girls are more concerned with taking pictures than listening to the music. It’s starting to irritate me a little.”

Lambert’s direct comment elicited a mixed reaction from the audience. Many audience members applauded the singer’s remark, admiring her dedication to providing an authentic country music experience.

“I don’t appreciate it at all,” Lambert said, grabbing the chance. Tonight, we’re here to listen to some country music, and I’m here to sing some actual dang country songs.” She then asked everyone to take a seat and suggested restarting the song.

The audience’s reaction varied when Lambert resumed her performance. Some people screamed, cheered, and whistled to support the artist, appreciating the value of being present. On the other hand, others chose to leave the arena as a protest, showing their displeasure with Lambert’s interruption.

Naturally, the story spread quickly on social media channels, with a fan-recorded video of the altercation garnering popularity on TikTok. Thousands of comments poured in from the internet community, reflecting various perspectives.

While some praised Lambert but questioned her behavior, others expressed sympathy, feeling that concertgoers should dedicate their whole attention to the performers they paid to see.

“I adore Miranda, but what was she thinking?” one wondered. Another TikTok user expressed sympathy, saying, “When you spend your hard-earned money on concert tickets, you owe it to the artist to give them your complete attention… You don’t have to record everything. Accept the experience.”

However, the overwhelming reaction in the comments was critical of Lambert’s conduct, arguing that because fans had paid for tickets, they should be allowed to capture personal moments and respond to the performance as they saw fit.

“I would have walked out.” “Fuck that,” one person declared. “They paid to attend. If the artists do not want to be photographed, phones should be prohibited. This is completely absurd.”

“I’ve seen countless people recording their elated reactions to hearing their favorite songs live,” another commenter said. They appeared to be simply expressing their delight. This was an entirely unnecessary reaction.”

Another speaker in the cacophony of opinions yelled, “And that’s when I would have exited the venue.” Miranda Lambert’s second Velvet Rodeo residency performance is slated.

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