Miranda Lambert’s Diva Moment With Concertgoers Didn’t Go As Planned

Miranda Lambert’s current residency in Las Vegas has split her fans and caused debate among concertgoers. During her performance, Lambert took the time to admonish a group of audience members for their behavior, including taking selfies during an emotionally charged song.

Lambert previously stated in an interview with Vulture that she intends to pander to her fans’ requests by incorporating their favorite songs into her setlist.

She admitted that some of these songs were no longer her favorites but realized the value of giving her long-time fans what they wanted. On the other hand, the event at the Las Vegas show appeared to have aroused a different side of Lambert.

Lambert observed the offending audience members and chose to confront them. At the same time, she sang her emotive 2017 song, “Tin Man,” which has devastating lyrics warning the fictional character from “The Wizard of Oz” about the dangers of having a heart.

She communicated her unhappiness by interrupting her performance and said, “I’m going to stop here for a sec.” She found it annoying that the girls focused more on taking pictures than listening to the song.

Despite her efforts to reclaim the moment by restarting the music, the incident had already broken the mood. Some individuals were seen fleeing the theater, while others expressed their support for Lambert’s conduct. However, several members of the audience needed more convincing.

They contended that going to a concert should be about making lasting memories and that taking photos was a way to do so. Some even criticized Lambert, claiming her rage obscured the song’s meaning.

Following the incident, social media provided a venue for followers to air their grievances. While some applauded Lambert’s behavior, others were disappointed and even asked for ticket refunds.

One disgruntled fan commented on Lambert’s Instagram backstage video, proclaiming their intention not to attend future gigs owing to the alleged humiliation inflicted on the selfie-taking girls.

Notably, “Tin Man” isn’t usually associated with controversy. Fans believe the song, which appeared on Lambert’s 2016 album “The Weight of These Wings,” was inspired by her 2015 divorce from fellow country singer Blake Shelton.

Lambert has not revealed the song’s origins, but she knows that real-world experiences and emotions inspire her creativity.

The influence of the “selfie game scandal” on the legacy of “Tin Man” is unknown. The song has already received attention, thanks to an acoustic performance at the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards and a rendition by Kelly Clarkson on her 2019 tour. However, whether the occurrence will become a permanent part of the song’s narrative remains to be seen.