My Teen Daughter Chose Her Cheating Dad Over Me & Cut All Contact, Asks Me for Money Years Later

A heart-wrenching story of a woman who had to make difficult choices and now wonders if she made the right ones. She turned down her daughter’s request for help years after their relationship was severed. Let’s dive into her story and see what we can learn from it.

The woman, who sought advice from her fellow Redditors, had married a wealthy man. He seemed perfect at first, but soon after their wedding and her pregnancy, she discovered that he had cheated on her. Despite feeling inadequate, she forgave him and stayed in the marriage.

However, years later, he cheated again, and this time, she couldn’t bear it any longer. She made the brave choice to divorce him. Unfortunately, this decision was met with resistance from both her own parents and her in-laws. Her parents urged her to forgive him once more for the sake of their daughter, while her wealthy in-laws worried about their family’s reputation.

In the end, the woman chose her own happiness and left her unfaithful husband. But the price she paid was steep. She lost custody of her beloved daughter, who had been manipulated against her by her father and his family.

For years, the woman yearned to be in her daughter’s life, but her daughter believed the lies and never reached out. It was a painful separation, until one day, when her daughter showed up at her door, desperate for help.

It turned out that the woman’s ex-husband had lost all his money due to poor business decisions and couldn’t afford to pay for their daughter’s college expenses. The daughter sought her mother’s financial assistance and wanted to reconnect.

Yet, the woman was torn. She questioned whether her daughter’s change of heart was genuine or if she only wanted to rebuild their relationship because she needed financial aid for her education.

Complicating matters further was a condition in the woman’s will. If she were to assist her daughter financially, her daughter would forfeit her inheritance and not receive any of her mother’s assets after her passing. Instead, the woman had listed her goddaughter as the primary beneficiary.

When the rest of the family discovered this, they condemned the woman for prioritizing her goddaughter over her own flesh and blood. They accused her of being a bad mother, neglecting the fact that her daughter only sought her out when she needed money.

This heartbreaking story raises various questions and emotions. What do you think? Should the woman help her daughter despite the potential consequences? Or do you believe she made the right choice by prioritizing her goddaughter?

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Together, we can find love and peace amidst the trials of life.

Note: Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.