Nanny Faye’s Cancer Diagnosis: What You Need to Know

Chrisley Knows Best: Nanny Faye’s Cancer Battle

The beloved Chrisley family, stars of the hit show “Chrisley Knows Best,” have faced their fair share of challenges recently.

Amidst Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal troubles, there was a heartbreaking revelation—Nanny Faye, Todd’s mother, has been diagnosed with cancer. Today, let’s delve deeper into what we know about her difficult journey.

Todd’s Heartfelt Revelation

On June 16, 2022, Todd shared the devastating news about Nanny Faye’s diagnosis during an episode of the family’s podcast, Chrisley Confessions. With palpable emotion, he disclosed, “My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. We’ve been dealing with this every week.”

A Hidden Struggle

Nanny Faye had been silently battling her diagnosis since the late fall of 2021, a secret she had respectfully kept from her loved ones. Unfortunately, the truth came to light during Todd and Julie’s trial, even though the family had done their best to shield it. Todd expressed his frustration towards media intrusion, stating that the press constantly lurked outside their doors with intrusive cameras, desperate for a glimpse of their private lives.

A Plea for Respect

The invasion of privacy extended into Nanny Faye’s home, prompting Todd to make an earnest plea for understanding. He humbly asked the media and onlookers to recognize that his mother is 77 years old and engaged in a life-or-death battle. With heartfelt conviction, Todd emphasized, “I would urge those involved to realize that she is fighting for her life.”

Staying Strong

Although Todd didn’t elaborate on Nanny Faye’s specific treatment plan, he conveyed his unwavering hope for her recovery. He said, “I pray several times daily that God keeps a healing hand on her.” Todd reminded everyone that life is filled with challenges, and his family is no exception.

Nanny Faye’s Heartfelt Testimony

During Todd and Julie’s trial, Nanny Faye was called upon to provide testimony, unveiling a surprising revelation. It was discovered that Julie unknowingly transferred ‘7C’s Productions’ ownership to Nanny Faye.

She had signed documents asserting her ownership, yet she claimed no memory of doing so. Nanny Faye firmly denied all accusations and insisted she was not interested in being an owner or shareholder.

A Fading Memory

Throughout the trial, the court kindly requested that Nanny Faye refrain from calling the lawyer “honey.” She explained that her memory wasn’t as sharp as it once was, admitting, “I’m getting up there in years, and I’ve had many experiences. I don’t recall some things.”

The Weight on Nanny Faye’s Shoulders

Given Nanny Faye’s illness, it’s understandable that the trial and its overwhelming stress may have taken a toll on her. Managing everything amidst her cancer battle is no easy feat.

Recent Updates

Since Nanny Faye’s condition became public, the Chrisley family hasn’t provided any recent updates. However, fans caught a heartwarming glimpse of her in an Instagram post celebrating Chase Chrisley’s engagement, where she was seen joyfully cuddling with his fiancée, Emmy Medders.

Our warm thoughts and well wishes go out to Nanny Faye and the entire Chrisley family during this challenging time.