Nicolas Coster, 89, of Santa Barbara, has died.

Nicolas Coster, the famed and adored soap opera hero, died on June 26, 2023, at age 89. This fantastic actor passed away at 9:01 p.m. in a hospital in the tranquil state of Florida.

Dinneen Coster, who shared the devastating news on Facebook, expressed tremendous sorrow, writing, “There is an overwhelming sadness in my heart this evening.”

Let us pause to remember Nicolas Coster’s enormous creative talents and essence as an actor.

Coster left an unmistakable imprint on theater, film, and television over his remarkable career. Among his notable performances, he is most known for portraying Lionel Lockridge in the popular soap opera “Santa Barbara.”

Before appearing on “Santa Barbara,” he enthralled audiences as Robert Delaney in “Another World” and made a brief but memorable appearance on “One Life to Live.”

Coster’s path into the performing arts began during his formative years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Born in 1933, his adolescence became a breeding ground for his ability and devotion.

In an outstanding performance, Coster appeared on Broadway with celebrities such as Robert Redford and Elizabeth Taylor in the production of “All the President’s Men.” This notable cooperation created an indelible impression on both fans and critics.

The circumstances underlying Coster’s death were not made public at the time. Dinnean and Candace Coster, his two surviving children, are now coping with the enormous void their father’s departure left behind.

The death of Nicolas Coster has left the entertainment business in sadness, with his co-stars paying tribute to his memory.

Martinez, Coster’s co-star in “Santa Barbara,” expressed his condolences on Facebook, writing, “Nicolas Coster deeply impacted numerous lives throughout his career.” We bid farewell to the outstanding Nicolas Coster this week; may the soft breeze assist him on his voyage.”

Former “General Hospital” actor Jon Lindstrom eulogized Coster, saying, “He was a consummate performer, equally adept on stage as he was in front of the camera.” It was an honor to work with him.

Nick has left us, leaving a gap that cannot be filled.” Lindstrom went on to talk about their friendship, which they formed due to their everyday experiences in the entertainment world.

“He will always be one of my most treasured colleagues and friends.” It was a privilege to witness his joy after getting his well-deserved Emmy. “May you rest in peace, dear friend.”

The industry-recognized Coster’s extraordinary talent and dedication. He won his first Emmy in 1986 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in “Santa Barbara.”

This award marked the start of a three-win streak for the same program. He received an Emmy 2017 for his outstanding contribution to the drama series “The Bay.”

When asked about the beginnings of his acting career in a candid interview in 2021, Coster said that a fortunate chain of events catapulted him into acting.

He was motivated to enter a speech contest after vigorously defending a harassed fellow student in high school.

“I was victorious. That encounter set me on my current course. I begged my mom to let me pursue my goals after seeing a film about the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.”

Coster’s tremendous talent and unrelenting commitment carried him to great heights during his career, leaving a lasting mark on the business he adored.

His absence will be felt keenly as we say goodbye to Nicolas Coster. His legacy as an actor of unrivaled talent and warmth will live on in the hearts of all who witnessed his brilliance. May his soul rest in peace forever.