Not the best news for actress Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert took the time this Thanksgiving, just one week after her fourth spinal surgery, to express her appreciation. In a social media video, the former Little House on the Prairie star stated that this procedure was life-changing for her.

She expressed gratitude that, even though she was separated from her loved ones due to travel restrictions, she knew the following Thanksgiving would reunite them. Gilbert also said her anticipation about being pain-free and able to enjoy the celebrations next year fully.

In addition to expressing gratitude for what she has done, Melissa Gilbert used this occasion to inform people of her most recent health update: she had flown back to New York from California (where her operation was performed). She was having tests for the new coronavirus. This demonstrates how much she values keeping others informed about her health situation.

Overall, Melissa Gilbert has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: her rehabilitation journey is progressing well; additionally, despite all of the travel limitations, she found her way back home and will soon be reunited with those she loves.

Furthermore, Gilbert chose to share such a significant moment with others by posting it online and updating them on her intentions in the midst of a global pandemic, something many can admire and appreciate.

Gilbert had flown from California four days prior, expecting a negative test result, which she thankfully obtained. Gilbert was confident that she would soon be able to return home with her husband. She was allowed to be in the same room as her spouse as long as they kept a social distance due to the fourteen-day incubation time of covid-19.

Gilbert had noticed numbness and tingling in her right hand a few days before and sensed something wasn’t right. After having had three spinal fusions since 2016, another surgery was required to enhance her condition.

Gilbert, on the other hand, was happy to be able to take the following steps towards reconnecting with her husband at their home upstate after obtaining the great news of a clear test result after a few days of anticipation.

Even though they needed to stay alert for another ten days or so for their safety precautions, she couldn’t help but express her joy at being able to return to his arms after such a long time apart.

Melissa Gilbert underwent significant neck surgery in August to relieve her discomfort.

For years, she had been suffering from a “constant hum of discomfort” that caused her neck to occasionally lock up and leave her unable to turn her head either way.

On the other hand, Gilbert is pleased to announce that she has been feeling much better since the operation and can now proceed with caution so that she does not cause any difficulties.

Her neck problems are the result of injuries she experienced in 2012. After falling on Dancing with the Stars, she suffered whiplash and a concussion; months later, the balcony of a rented condominium collapsed over her head, inflicting more harm.

Despite these mishaps, Melissa refuses to live in fear and looks forward to being free to play with her soon-to-arrive grandchild and hug them without constraints or anxieties.

Melissa has had many unpleasant moments due to her neck problems, but she is determined not to let them define her life. Her positive attitude has helped her overcome all the challenges. She can now spend meaningful time with an upcoming granddaughter without being limited or hindered by physical pain or discomfort.

Most grandparents can connect to demonstrating their love via physical actions like cuddles and embraces, which Melissa would undoubtedly appreciate!