On a field trip, five kids suffered injuries, including a 4-year-old who had “significant head trauma.”

Accident: Kindergarten Students Hit by Van While Crossing Roadway

In an unfortunate incident this morning in Pollock Pines, California, five preschoolers collided with a passing van while crossing the street.

The young children were on their way to a neighboring park for an exciting field trip when the terrible incident occurred around 10:30 a.m., according to ABC network KXTV and CBS affiliate KOVR.

Witnesses gave heartbreaking details of the event, stating that the children were crossing the street in the designated crosswalk when tragedy struck.

Three children were critically hurt, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). According to KOVR and NBC station KCRA-TV, the other two suffered minor injuries at the same time.

Local authorities were on the scene quickly after the accident. According to reports from KXTV and KCRA-TV, the responsible driver, a 21-year-old guy, remained present and cooperated with police. Law enforcement agencies are currently looking into the circumstances behind the incident.

The injured children were rushed to various medical facilities for immediate care. Notably, a boy and a girl with severe injuries were transferred to UC Davis Medical Center, known for its critical care expertise.

Another child, also in critical condition, was treated at Sutter Roseville Medical Center. Meanwhile, a child and a female with minor injuries were sent to Marshall Medical Center for treatment.

The Pine Top Montessori School, where the afflicted children were enrolled, sincerely apologized to the impacted families. According to KXTV, the school stated, “Our thoughts and prayers are with our families, and we sincerely hope for their speedy recovery.”

They emphasized that they are in close contact with relevant authorities and parents to solve the situation and provide assistance during this challenging period.

According to her aunt, Jillian Leach, on the GoFundMe page, Juniper Ammons, the 4-year-old gravely injured in the tragedy, is battling significant head damage and is on a ventilator.

In less than 48 hours, the website received a significant response, with donations reaching more than $53,000. Juniper’s parents, Catie and Trevor, have been at her side since she arrived at the hospital center, as Jillian recalls.

Aunt Allison Warren said in an interview with KXTV that Juniper’s condition has stabilized, providing a ray of optimism. “Right now, that’s all we can ask for,” she added, underscoring the family’s attention and concern for her well-being.

Warren referred to the resilient four-year-old as a “ray of sunshine” who effortlessly brightens every environment. Her deep understanding and soulfulness, far beyond her young age, frequently amuse others around her.

The El Dorado Community Foundation, through its Community Resource Fund, has also begun efforts to collect funds for the families touched by this tragic accident.

While understanding that no amount of financial assistance can heal the damage done, the group strives to ease the accompanying responsibilities experienced by the families, as stated on their official website.

Initially, authorities indicated that they did not believe alcohol, narcotics, or excessive speed played a role in the collision. According to KCRA-TV, they actively explore the likelihood of distracted driving as a contributing factor.

The ongoing inquiry will shed more light on the events leading up to this unfortunate catastrophe. The CHP has yet to respond to PEOPLE’s request for quick comment at the time of publication, underscoring the need to conduct a full investigation before making any formal pronouncements.