Driving is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities. A full tank of gas, a straight and smooth road, pleasant company, and a picturesque environment all contribute to a peaceful journey.

You’re probably already thinking about a short trip. No matter the destination, if you don’t drive an electric car, you must use petrol to get there. People were appalled to see what was at the gas pump at a gas station.

One woman was running errands while driving through the downtown streets on a gorgeous summer day. The petrol station was the final destination on her list. She had a startling surprise after parking her car and reaching for the hose.

There was a sizable snake slithering about where the hose ought to have been. Before fleeing and informing the people around her, the woman yelled. Some came warily forward to view the snake, then hurried away. What followed was even more unexpected.

An almost-18-year-old boy approached to investigate the matter. He was not frightened of snakes because he loved them, which was fortunate for the waiting crowd in line.

He came and began formulating a plan to remove the beast. When he realized he could grip the snake’s head with his T-shirt and move it away gently, it was like a “light bulb” moment for him. The bravery with which this young man armed himself astounds many. Watch the video to see the snake’s size!

In the warmer months, snakes resurface, so be sure you know how to handle them. Here are the essentials.

Snakes are on the move after a long winter slumber, looking for food and a mate.

Please don’t assume you’ll never encounter a snake because it can be found everywhere, including the suburbs and the beach.

In case you see a snake:

Just try to ignore it. Snakes are timid and won’t bite until provoked, so it’s best to avoid getting close to them.

Make sure the house is empty, and leave no pets inside. Close the door after you and then make a call to a qualified snake catcher.

Watch where a snake goes if you see one outside. Likely, you won’t see it again if it moves toward a thicket or an open paddock.

Never attempt to kill or capture a snake yourself. Most bites occur during this time.

Even tiny snakes can do plenty of damage. Brown snake eggs are poisoned before they even hatch.

In national parks and reserves, stay on the trails and make some noise as you stroll.

Ensure your yard is free of debris and long grass, so snakes have nowhere to hide.