Oprah Winfrey recalled what she had said to Tina Turner when it was time for her to depart this world: “She would be ‘Excited’”

Following the tragic passing of the famous Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey paused to consider their enduring friendship and the significant influence Turner had on her life. Winfrey, who is currently 69, used Instagram to post a collection of unique pictures she had taken over the years of their friendship.

In the touching description accompanying the photographs, Winfrey wrote, “I started as an eager admirer of Tina Turner, transitioned into a devoted follower, traveling from one show to another throughout the country, and eventually blossomed into actual friends.

She added that Turner is the eternal personification of rock ‘n’ roll, highlighting her standing as the god of rock ‘n’ roll. Her extraordinary existence was forever changed by the amazing inner strength that only expanded with time.

Winfrey emphasized Turner’s importance as a role model for the entire world and herself. She said about Turner: “She encouraged a dormant part of me that I never knew existed.” Turner was credited with reawakening a hidden portion of her soul.

The well-known talk show presenter explained how Turner’s victory over years of domestic abuse had given her the confidence to live bravely. According to Winfrey, “Once she claimed her freedom from the chains of domestic abuse, her life became a resounding testament to triumph.”

She fearlessly strutted in her Manolo heels and donned a leather miniskirt, a courageous depiction of what true triumph looks like.

Turner offered her thoughts on departing this world during a conversation Winfrey recalled with affection. She assured Winfrey that rather than being terrified when it was time for her to leave this world, she would be “excited and curious.”

She had mastered the art of actually living when surrounded by her devoted husband, Erwin, and beloved friends.

Winfrey expressed her sincere gratitude for the significant influence Turner’s life had on her own, saying, “Her life has made me a better woman, a better human being.”

Later, Winfrey posted a video of herself and Turner performing on stage in unabashed joy to the tune of “The Best.” “I was blessed with the opportunity to join Tina on stage during her ‘Wildest Dreams’ tour and catch a glimpse of her magnificent universe,” Winfrey wrote in the caption that accompanied the video.

My knees collided due to a rush of adrenaline mixed with nerves. Stepping outside my comfort zone and dancing with her in Los Angeles was an enriching experience.

She said, “Tina urged me, and every woman, to reject the standard and live on our terms. Tina inspired me and many women, to break free from societal constraints. She truly paved the way.

Winfrey referred to Turner’s performances as transformational events as she reflected on their spiritual content. She recalled, “Watching Tina perform is like having a spiritual epiphany.

She sends a strong message: “I am here,” with every thrilling sway of her miniskirt and every beautiful step in her three-inch Manolos across the stage.

Winfrey compared the effect of seeing Turner’s craftsmanship to the emotion felt after viewing any great work of art. “When I leave a Tina concert, I am filled with the same profound emotions I experience after being moved by exceptional artwork,” Winfrey said. “Her music inspires me to work toward becoming a better person.”

Sadly, the legendary singer passed away at 83 in her home in the Swiss town of Zurich after a protracted medical struggle. The tragic news was conveyed by Turner’s colleagues, who emphasized her enormous influence through her music and unshakable zest for life.

Turner’s Instagram account posted a moving message in which she thanked her friends and acknowledged her music as a lasting legacy. The letter offered her family sincere sympathies and acknowledged the devastating loss that the world had experienced.

The letter continued, “We will miss you, Tina,” expressing the sorrow experienced by millions of fans worldwide and appreciating Turner’s lasting influence on upcoming generations of musicians.