People Request Help Identifying Strange Objects, and the Results Are Surprising (And A Little Creepy)

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you’ll know it’s a great place to ask questions, from dealing with challenging situations to general questions and answers.

When asked about unusual objects found around their houses and what they could be, Redditors did not disappoint.

Stickers on mailboxes, door frames, and windows are among the strangest things people often see.

While it is unknown what these stickers represent, they have been related to the robbery. People think that if criminals put them in strategic places, they can tell if a house is occupied and watch who comes and goes.

So, it’s essential to get rid of them as soon as you find them and let your neighbors know if anything strange is going on.

Placing a note for the neighbors by the mailbox may help prevent potential stealers in the neighborhood, as whoever is caching will likely run if their plans are discovered.

After the neighbors told them, a big sign was put up to ensure they knew about the strange behavior with the mailboxes. The warning made it clear that all parties would examine other manipulations.

A closer look showed that a strange item had been left near one of the nearby cars. Upon more investigation, it was discovered to be a safe pick – a tool to break into such automobiles.

The situation got even scarier when a suspicious person was seen stalking around someone’s house.

Residents were told not to take any chances and to be careful to keep their homes safe by installing security systems or keeping an eye out for anything strange.

The “Procesión del Silencio” takes place every year during Santa Week in my hometown of Mexico City. This is a severe and one-of-a-kind custom in which participants walk the same route draped in flowing robes of various shades, such as white, black, purple, and red.

The procession is intended to honor the death of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible, with each participant walking in silence.

Growing up, I was captivated by this ceremony and frequently took part alongside my devoutly Catholic grandmother and other family members.

It was a mysterious yet intense experience; however, after knowing about the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, seeing people dressed in similar regal clothing marching around for a few hours every year got increasingly bizarre.

The Semana Santa procession, one of Colombia’s oldest traditions, has been passed down through generations as a family legacy.

People who participate in the procession usually learn from those who came before them what to do in the parade, such as which religious image to carry and which day to participate.

This custom is thought to have evolved from a similar practice in Spain before moving to Mexico.

Though the clothes of Semana Santa are similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan, they should not be confused with racism.

Since the Klan stole clothing and customs from Christian churches, it is more accurate to say that this religious event is a time for people and families to show their religious commitment.

What makes this tradition so valuable is how long it has lasted and how it has been perpetuated by successive generations of individuals who value their cultural history by handing down these practices and proudly participating in them.

Semana Santa also gives people from all over Colombia a chance to come together, celebrate their faith, and honor their cultural backgrounds.

The Finder 2.0 from is a clever keychain and wallet finder that makes finding things you’ve lost easy.

It uses Bluetooth technology to work as a signal-sending tracker that can make a sound when turned on to help you quickly find your keys or wallet within its short-range area.

This excellent item provides a convenient alternative to intrusive tracking devices and reflects Pebble bee’s commitment to providing customers with intelligent, valuable goods.

There is no need to be concerned about this object being used as a weapon; it was built to enhance lives rather than cause harm.

I recently discovered a projectile from the 35228 mm Oerlikon Flab Kan 63/90 gun used on the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard tank.

It looked like an “Übungsgranate,” or target practice shot because the projectile was painted bluish-grey and had a fuze made of aluminum with wide cutouts that showed there wasn’t enough room for a fuze mechanism.

It’s crucial to note that just because it’s classified as a target practice shot doesn’t imply it’s inert; pyrotechnic devices like tracers could still be present and active inside of it, but I couldn’t see the bottom of the projectile.

It only took me two pictures of the suspected UXO (unexploded ordnance) to convince the owner to let a professional take care of it instead of trying to get rid of it themselves.

This demonstrates how seriously we should take these eventualities in all contexts, regardless of how innocent they appear. Before making any decisions, it’s good to have an artillery expert around to help determine if any UXOs could be dangerous.

On Shabbat, the Hasidic Jewish tradition requires special toilet paper squares to be deposited in a specific box. This is due to limitations such as the prohibition on tearing or “measured cutting” of any materials.

To meet these requirements, people must pull the paper early so it can be used on this holy day.

As a result, several kinds of toilet paper now come with perforated sheets, removing the necessity for tearing and making it easy to follow these customs.

It is vital to remember that regardless of the sort of hazardous material discovered, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) should always be contacted for assistance because demining cannot be done over the internet.

They have the skills and tools to deal with a wide range of dangerous objects, so it’s best to leave it up to them instead of putting yourself in danger.

I came upon something strange while hiking in the Swiss Alps. It was a metal item with a dial on top, similar to a safety lock.

The thing was around one foot long and weighed close to 1.5 pounds. I photographed it quickly before returning it to its original location and continuing.

This device could be UXO – unexploded ordnance – or a live artillery shot.

The absence of rifling bands could indicate that they were either corrupted away or were never present in the first place due to their small size – it weighs 1.5 lbs, which is lighter than most shells.

This is a hazardous situation that no one should ever handle unless they are qualified.

On closer investigation, I discovered that it didn’t have the typical odor of anything edible for a dog. This discovery demonstrated why this product should be kept away from our four-legged friends.

The small green brick was modest, square, unadorned, and of harmless color. This could be a problem if it got into the wrong hands, especially since its purpose and uses are obscure from how it looks.

As a result, it is critical to use caution when handling this item and to store it properly away from any home pets or children who may come into contact with it.

Aside from its lethal connotations, there are additional elements to consider when considering the small green brick, such as its size and shape, which can make it relatively easy to carry or conceal in various locations.

Also, its color can blend in with different places and surfaces, making it easier to spot if looked at closely.

These aspects contribute to the device becoming even more dangerous if not supervised. It might become an unhappy incident waiting to happen if one forgets about its capabilities or misidentifies its use.