Pope Francis will undergo an intestinal surgery in a hospital in Rome.

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will undergo intestinal surgery, requiring an extended recovery period. It is expected that the Holy Father, despite the challenging procedure, will ultimately regain his health.

To address the persistent, distressing, and deteriorating symptoms caused by an abdominal hernia, the 86-year-old Pope was admitted to A. Gemelli University Hospital after completing routine medical examinations in Rome.

According to the Vatican, the surgical intervention will be performed under general anesthesia. The revered Pontiff made his way from the broad audience directly to A.

According to a Vatican statement, he will undergo a laparotomy and plastic surgery on the abdominal wall using a prosthesis at Gemelli University Hospital in the early afternoon.

As The New York Times reported, Pope Francis displayed his renowned sense of humor during the customary general audience in St. Peter’s Square.

The Vatican has assured that his stay at the medical facility will extend over several days to ensure an ordinary postoperative course and complete functional recovery.

The Associated Press reported that the Pontiff was admitted to Gemelli Polyclinic Hospital and received intravenous antibiotic therapy.

When queried about his condition as he departed from the hospital, Francis amusingly responded, “Still alive, you know,” according to the website. When asked about his well-being, the Pope responded positively.

Based on a statement from the Vatican’s Matteo Bruni, CNN reported that Pope Francis had recently experienced respiratory difficulties, prompting his visit to Policlinico A. Gemelli for medical evaluations.

Subsequently, he was hospitalized due to bronchitis. According to the spokesman, aside from indicating no COVID-19 infection, the test results revealed a respiratory ailment that necessitated several days of appropriate medical treatment at the hospital.

The Pope expressed his gratitude for the support and prayers he has received, emphasizing the impact of the numerous messages he has received.

Before being admitted to the hospital for the respiratory infection, reports indicate that the Pope delivered a speech during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican later clarified that he was sent to the hospital for “previously scheduled tests.”