Priscilla has lost contact with her granddaughter.

According to those close to her, Priscilla Presley, the widow of Elvis Presley, has chosen to cut off connections with her daughter-in-law Riley Keough owing to a disagreement over Lisa Marie Presley’s assets.

This legal battle between the two family members and their separate counsel has lasted more than a month.

Elvis’s only daughter died too soon, so she will be looked at again. Riley and her late brother Benjamin were named the only heirs in it.

The contract was revised shortly before Lisa Marie’s death, indicating that her real estate would be passed on to them.

Regrettably, this has led to conflict between Priscilla and Riley, culminating in the termination of their communication.

Although the exact amount is uncertain, sources indicate that Lisa Marie wasted the $100 million she got after her father died in 1977.

This claimed action prompted an alteration to her father’s will, removing Priscilla entirely from it. This circumstance has caused Lisa Marie’s mother significant pain, and she is currently pursuing legal action against the modification.

The rivalry between Priscilla and her granddaughter has caused a rift between them. Even though Priscilla recently told fans to “ignore the hype,” family sources say that they can no longer talk to each other.

Furthermore, those close to them are skeptical that their relationship can ever recover due to the deep schism it has generated.

The estate dispute appears to be far from resolved, with both sides adopting firm postures in defending their positions and showing no indications of relenting.

As a result, antagonism between all parties concerned grows, and the update will remain ambiguous for now. Riley has been overcome with grief since the death of her loving mother, and she is now forced to deal with a trust dispute with a family member.

A person who did not want to be named said that Riley’s cousin Priscilla is determined to win in court because her case is strong.

Riley and Priscilla can’t talk to each other now, but they have already started sharing information through their lawyers.

A person close to the case says Priscilla Presley and her daughter Lisa Marie Presley are preparing for a judicial battle over the latter’s will.

Priscilla is said to be persuaded that the old documents are fake, which has caused her a lot of heartaches since the situation became public.

On the other hand, Keough has tried to stay positive even though she lost her mother and brother in recent years.

The disagreement is about a change to Lisa Marie’s will that Priscilla disagrees with because it was made seven years ago and didn’t match her daughter’s signature.

Priscilla also thinks that her late daughter would not have wanted this fight to be known to everyone.

According to the source, everyone is getting ready for what could be a heated court battle, even though Keough wanted to solve the problem calmly and privately at first.

It’s not surprising that both women feel overwhelmed by the situation since they have recently lost family members and are in a lot of pain because of this fight.

Despite her reservations about going to court, Priscilla is determined to fight for what she believes is just and truthful. Specifically, alterations to Lisa Marie’s will be genuine rather than faked or contrived.

Nonetheless, both parties want to settle their issues without litigation.

Priscilla Presley has asked the public to give her family time and space to deal with the problems they are facing.

She is determined to reestablish harmony and peace in their relationship and believes that respect, honesty, dignity, integrity, and love will help her do this.

Priscilla filed all the necessary papers to fight a 2016 modification that barred her and Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager, Barry Siegel, from serving as trustees.

After fighting, this choice was made to bring peace back to the Presley family. Priscilla hopes everyone concerned can agree so that progress may be made rather than lingering on differences.

Furthermore, she actively creates a positive view of their future by ensuring everyone has equal rights within the family. She firmly believes in prioritizing unity to achieve success as a group.

Priscilla pleads with her family’s supporters to respect their privacy while working out their differences. She wants everyone to know they are doing everything possible to mend any splits between them to become stronger together eventually.

Finally, she wants them all to have a shared vision of what will come, with no place for division or hate, only love and adoration.

Riley and the late Ben Keough were named executors of the estate, much like Lisa Marie Presley did after her father’s death following Ben’s untimely death by shooting in July 2020. Riley was the sole executor as a result of this development.

The discovery of an updated version of the paper has sparked suspicions that it was never given to Riley, that its date is unknown, and that her name needs to be corrected.

Even though Ben’s death messed up the succession plan, the modified contract says that Riley is still the leader of their two-person team.

It’s unknown why or when such adjustments were made, but it’s evident that Riley wants to honor her brother’s legacy by preserving his name attached to this crucial estate matter.

Riley was grieved after Ben’s death, as seen by her deep sadness. According to Weinshanker, the actress was informed that she would manage the trust, something she had long felt prepared to do due to her natural leadership abilities.

Weinshanker remarked, “Sometimes you just have to take a stand,” which Elvis did when he died and gave everything to his young daughter. Learning about such an action gave Riley the confidence she needed to confront the rigors of her new career.

Riley had been anticipating this moment for years as a recognized actress and an accomplished filmmaker. She felt confident in her ability to manage the situation with elegance and understanding.

Weinshanker further stated that delegating this responsibility to his daughter validated Elvis’ legacy by putting it in the hands of someone who could nurture and grow it even further.

Riley was convinced that she, too, could make a significant difference in the lives of those she cared about through her actions.

Lisa Marie Presley has always been committed to seeking Elvis Presley’s best interests despite her struggles. When she named him the sole executor of his estate in 1977, she demonstrated her dedication to preserving and honoring his legacy.

As corroborated by Jack Weinshanker, who worked closely with her, she went against any other wishes of different family members or associates.

Lisa Marie inherited $100 million from the trust on January 29, 1993, her 25th birthday.

In 2010, an updated and amended version of the trust was established, with both her mother, Priscilla, and Robert Siegel as trustees and all of the Graceland assets in Tennessee.

This demonstrates Lisa Marie’s commitment to maintaining Elvis’ legacy and looking after his best interests in the long run.

Lisa Marie was devoted to advocating for Elvis even after his death, from maintaining a level-headed attitude through tough times to ensuring correct preparations were made for his assets.

Lisa Marie Presley made arrangements for her mother and former business manager, Barry Siegel, to be co-Trustees of her estate in the event she became disabled or died.

This was stated in her 2010 Restatement of Will. The two were chosen because they understood Lisa Marie’s condition, considering that she had led a rough existence in money and substance misuse for much of her career.

However, their relationship was strained in 2018 due to her declining financial security. Regardless of their disagreement, they are still bound by the initial agreement formed when the Restatement was signed a few years ago.

Lisa Marie claimed that after the couple split up, Siegel emphasized his financial aspirations over hers. Although she inherited a $100 million gift in 1993, many people have questioned how much money Lisa Marie had, claiming that she had squandered her fortune.

Some celebrity websites speculated that Lisa Marie may have had a negative net worth at her death, implying that she was not affluent enough to be listed on Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebs.

A trust allowed her to keep Graceland, Elvis Presley’s Memphis estate, worth an estimated $10 million and now a renowned tourist destination.

Riley and the then fourteen-year-old twins Harper and Finley would inherit the Graceland estate following Lisa Marie’s death.

Lisa Marie was laid to rest by her son Benjamin and late father after her death. Her remaining relatives are still at odds with one another.