Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough’s feud over Lisa Marie’s fortune has been settled.

Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley’s ex wife and mother of Lisa Marie Presley, and Riley Keough, Lisa Marie’s daughter, have “resolved their court dispute concerning Lisa Marie Presley’s estate.”

The heartbreaking news of Lisa Marie’s sudden demise due to heart arrest on January 12, 2023, brought immense sorrow to the Presley family. Unfortunately, the family had to endure further challenges following her untimely passing.

A report published by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Priscilla had filed a petition to challenge a modification to Lisa Marie’s last will in 2016, granting Riley and her late brother Benjamin Keough control over the estate.

Among other discrepancies, Priscilla raised concerns about the authenticity of Lisa Marie’s signature on the document, as it appeared to be unnotarized.

After several months of legal battles, the grandmother and granddaughter eventually reached a settlement agreement, the details remaining undisclosed. The process of appointing a trustee for the singer of “Lights Out” is underway.

Riley Keough has been appointed as the sole trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. This development marks another significant step towards resolving the ongoing conflict surrounding the business matters of the late singer.

According to legal documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Riley Keough, together with the “sub-trusts” established for Lisa Marie’s twin daughters, Harper and Finley Lockwood, has legally assumed the role of the estate’s trustee as of June 12.

The filing made by the attorney representing the actress known for her role in “Daisy Jones and the Six” states that Riley will not receive any trustee fee from the estate, a responsibility purportedly intended for Priscilla Presley.

While Priscilla will maintain a limited role in the settlement as the person overseeing the sub-trust for Lisa Marie’s half-brother, Navarone Garibaldi, her involvement will be limited to a “one-time” payment from Lisa Marie’s trust.

Following the resolution of her “request for document interpretation” concerning Lisa Marie’s trust, Priscilla expressed her thoughts to Entertainment Tonight, emphasizing the unity and strength of the Presley family.

She clarified, “I want to explain that there was never a lawsuit against my beloved granddaughter, despite certain media outlets categorizing the petition as such.

We are grateful that we could address this matter as a family. During this time of mourning for Lisa Marie, we kindly request that everyone respect our need for privacy and space to grieve together.”