Priscilla Presley Joins Animated Elvis Project As Lisa Marie Trust Lawsuit Rages

Priscilla Presley has shared her heartfelt grief in the aftermath of the death of her beloved daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in January.

Priscilla then filed a lawsuit to question the validity of Lisa Marie’s will, which seemed to have a signature different from what she was used to seeing.

This court struggle has caused Priscilla and her granddaughter, Riley Keough, to stop speaking until the problem is settled.

The incident caused a very painful split between them. Riley and her grandmother have been focusing on what they like to do while waiting for her case’s verdict.

Riley attended the launch of her new Amazon Prime Video series, “Daisy Jones & The Six,” with her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen.

Fans were disappointed to learn about her grandmother’s absence. Although Riley could need her grandmother’s comfort and support, both women are committed to their goals.

Priscilla Presley has seized the opportunity to advance her professional career and participate in an exciting new enterprise.

She has collaborated with singer-songwriter John Eddie to develop “Agent Elvis,” a Netflix original series starring Matthew McConaughey as the eponymous character.

The series promises to be a one-of-a-kind work of art, and Priscilla is happy to have played a key role in its creation.

She not only gave creative advice and direction while it was being built, but her hard work and dedication also helped it grow into the massive project it is now.

Priscilla Presley will play Agent Elvis in the new Netflix series. She will join an all-star cast including Christina Hendricks, Niecy Nash, Kiercy Culkin, Don Cheadle, and Jason Mantzoukas.

Priscilla will be voicing her role in this new production. She appears excited about it, as proven by her social media posts expressing her excitement about being a part of this highly anticipated show.

“Very delighted for Agent Elvis to launch on @netflix on March 17 and so pleased to be a part of this wonderful cast,” Priscilla tweeted.

Although story elements have yet to be published, one thing is sure: when the program premieres, audiences can expect top-notch entertainment from this incredible combination of musicians.

Priscilla commented on Matthew McConaughey’s casting as her late husband, Agent Elvis, in an upcoming Netflix animated series.

“We are excited to have Matthew McConaughey in the character of Agent Elvis in our upcoming Netflix animated series!” she wrote on Twitter.

‘Elvis would have approved!’ ‘All OK, all right, all right,’ she wrote. This initiative, first announced in 2019, will be accessible for streaming.