Riley Keough’s reaction to Grandma Priscilla Presley’s doubts about Mom Lisa Marie’s reliability.

Riley Keough is reportedly disheartened by Priscilla Presley’s challenge to Lisa Marie Presley’s will, according to a source close to her.

Riley believes that her grandmother’s objection contradicts what the late family matriarch desired and may cause further division within the family. According to the source, Riley wants to keep the family together to honor Lisa Marie’s legacy.

Unfortunately, it appears Riley and Priscilla were not particularly close before Lisa Marie died, either, as their relationship was “extremely problematic,” according to the source.

Riley’s wish for them to be friends is made all the more complex and heartbreaking by this. She is disappointed they do not share the bond she hoped they would.

Lisa Marie, a beloved mother, was determined to give her children the best she could and wanted them to inherit her trust. She had a strained relationship with her mother, Priscilla Marie, who had a habit of attempting to exert control over her daughter. Despite the difficulties, Lisa Marie dedicated herself to raising Benjamin, who died in July 2020.

According to the source, Lisa Marie’s children were her entire world, and she would do anything for them. She made no secret of her desire for Riley and Benjamin to benefit from the trust she had established for them.

Her commitment to their well-being was palpable, as she worked to provide them with more than just financial security but also emotional security. She hoped that by instilling trust in them, she could ensure that their prospects were bright and that they would never have to worry if something happened to her.

After Lisa Marie died on January 12th, her publicist informed the public that her three children – Riley, 33, and twins Harper and Finley, 14 – would inherit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former home.

Riley and Benjamin were both trustees in a trust established by Lisa Marie, it was revealed in 2016. On the other hand, Priscilla is attempting to challenge this appointment due to perceived difficulties.

Despite the legal issues, Joel Weinshanker, managing partner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, has publicly expressed his support for Riley’s continued role as trustee in the wake of his mother’s death.

Riley, he believes, is capable of doing an excellent job and should be allowed to continue his efforts to honor Lisa Marie’s legacy. Weinshanker also hopes that legal issues will not prevent Riley and his siblings from receiving what he believes is their rightful inheritance.

When Elvis died, he made sure that his beloved daughter, Lisa Marie, would be in charge of carrying on his legacy. Elvis stated on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio that Lisa Marie would always look out for his best interests regardless of what else was going on in her life or career at the time.

Joel went on to say that they would only consider what Lisa Marie wanted and that there would be no doubt because she had already discussed it with many of her friends. Elvis knew Riley was present when he left everything to his daughter, and everyone involved wished the best for Elvis, Lisa, and Riley.

The details of their conversation have been written down for all to read, and Lisa Marie has openly shared it with them, confirming their familial bond. Anyone who has reservations about this arrangement is not looking out for the best interests of anyone mentioned.

Priscilla acknowledged in her statement the deep affection she and Elvis had for one another, as evidenced by their daughter, Lisa. She also unequivocally stated that anyone passing judgment or expressing an opposing viewpoint disrespects the Presley family’s legacy.

The actress went on to say that someone who has been able to buy their way into the business is attempting to give their family a voice without the proper authority to do so. She asked that people ignore this person’s statement and provide them with time and respect as they worked through the situation together.

Priscilla stated emphatically that she would continue demonstrating honesty, dignity, integrity, and love to preserve Elvis Presley’s legacy for herself and the fans of his musical work. She ended her message by pleading with people to be understanding and supportive during this challenging transition period.