The protagonist of this tale is Sierra, a young woman who sadly lost her father in a shooting while he was serving as a local police officer. She would pay a weekly visit to his grave and send him beautiful messages. Even though four years have passed, she will never forget him.

Even though it was unpleasant, she found it to be soothing. Thanks to it, she could treasure her memories and recall their happy times together.

Not only to her but also to the entire neighborhood, her father was a hero. The state of Indianapolis honored him posthumously for his bravery in saving a woman’s and her children’s lives. Even if he is no longer with us, Sierra and the people who loved him carry on his legacy.

Sierra, who is now 17 years old, also dressed in blue to commemorate her late father. She went to his grave hoping to take a few pictures with her date, Brock Spayd, and a framed picture of her father.

Sierra Bradway had a date for the prom, a corsage, and a long, stunning dress that she accessorized with sparkling silver sneakers.

She went to Crown Hill Cemetery to take her family’s traditional prom pictures.

Sierra’s date is the son of the Marion County Sheriff’s captain, and he matched the deep blue color of Sierra’s gown with his tie, boutonniere, and pair of shoes. His mother contacted IMPD and requested that cops surprise Sierra at the burial.

Sierra’s daughter received her high school diploma four years after her father passed away. She went to her father’s cemetery with her boyfriend, and they took pictures to remember the moment.

Sierra’s mother, a police officer herself, learned this and told her colleagues. They showed up at her father’s grave together, surprising Sierra. Everyone took a group photo while smiling.

Along with the IMPD officers, officers from the Speedway Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Butler University Police Department, and Clermont Police Department gathered beside her father’s grave to wish the young couple a great prom.

The department said in a Facebook video, “There were lots of laughs, some tears, but most importantly, there was love. Sierra, know that your Blue Line Family will always be there for you and that your father is smiling from heaven.”

Sierra was overcome with emotion by the kindness and shed joyful tears.