Serena Williams ‘nearly died’ after giving birth; she discovers her second child and keeps it hidden from her daughter and husband.

Olympia, the beloved offspring of Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, graced the world with her presence. The power couple is thrilled to announce that their family is expanding again, sharing this delightful news with their adoring fans.

While the anticipation and excitement for this pregnancy run high, it is essential to acknowledge that Williams and Ohanian have faced some harrowing experiences during previous pregnancies and childbirths.

Following the birth of Olympia, Williams herself encountered a life-threatening ordeal. Reflecting on her journey, she recently took to YouTube to recount how her daughter reacted upon learning about her impending sibling.

Beginning the video, Williams humorously disclosed that her child had commented on her weight, oblivious that she was carrying a new life.

In lighthearted spirits, Williams chose not to dwell on the matter and instead focused on maintaining her fitness. As she announced her pregnancy at the prestigious MET Gala in 2023, the accompanying YouTube video showed her preparations for the momentous event.

At the MET Gala, Williams proudly showcased her blossoming baby bump as she and Ohanian gracefully participated in the festivities. Given the challenging circumstances surrounding Olympia’s birth, Williams’ second pregnancy has been eagerly anticipated.

However, the couple opted to keep the existence of their second child hidden from everyone, including their four-year-old daughter. Recently, they shed light on the reasons behind this decision.

Williams divulged her plan to disclose the news to Olympia shortly before the MET Gala, as the young girl remained oblivious to her impending sibling.

Williams elaborated on her reasoning, “She can’t keep a secret, so that’s why I haven’t told her.” Therefore, the timing was carefully chosen to ensure Olympia could be included in the momentous announcement.

When the time was finally right, Williams graced the world with her pregnancy revelation, clad in a specially designed Gucci ensemble. The tennis champion expressed her excitement about sharing this joyous news with the world at such a significant event.

She emphasized the sentimental value of the outfit, envisioning a future moment where she would introduce her newborn child to the world while reminiscing about the night she unveiled her pregnancy.

Now, let’s delve into the heartwarming reactions of Olympia when she learned about her impending sibling. Williams and Ohanian decided to tell their daughter before announcing the news to the public.

The family gathered together on a cozy sofa and engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation. Williams gently inquired whether Olympia had been hoping for a younger brother or sister. Modestly, Olympia acknowledged that she had indeed been praying for a sibling.

After a visit to the doctor, Williams joyfully informed Olympia that she was not gaining weight but rather carrying her younger sibling. The beaming mother asked her daughter, “What do you think?”

Olympia leaped from her seat and into her mother’s loving arms, overwhelmed with happiness, embracing the joyous reality. Williams and Ohanian reassured Olympia that they were not joking about confirming their sincerity further. In response, the ecstatic child was shown her mother’s belly, prompting her to burst with vitality and bounce around the room in pure delight.

With an air of excitement, Ohanian cautioned Olympia to keep the secret for just one more day before sharing the news of becoming a big sister with the world.

He lovingly explained that once the baby arrived, Olympia would have an essential role in assisting them. Williams decked herself out in a stunning Gucci outfit and numerous pearl necklaces as she waited anxiously.

She expressed her satisfaction with how everything unfolded, emphasizing her desire for this precious moment of revealing her pregnancy to be etched in their memories forever.

While the forthcoming arrival of their new child brings boundless joy to the family, Williams candidly expressed her hopes for a smooth journey.

In the introductory moments of her YouTube video, as she revealed a positive pregnancy test, she acknowledged her previous challenging experiences, instilling a sense of cautious optimism.

Speaking of Williams’ first childbirth experience, the tennis legend penned an essay in 2018, shortly after Olympia’s birth, recounting her journey. Williams began her heartfelt composition with a stark revelation: “After giving birth to my daughter Olympia, I nearly lost my life.”

Williams acknowledged the difficulties she faced following the birth but ultimately expressed gratitude for her restored health and appreciation for her transformative journey.

During the labor process, Olympia’s heart rate decelerated, leading the medical team to determine that Williams required a C-section. However, the circumstances were far from ideal, leaving Williams vulnerable.

Following the joyous announcement of Olympia’s birth, the family’s lives took an unexpected turn within 24 hours. Williams, who has a history of pulmonary emboli, has always harbored concerns about potential complications. Unfortunately, her fears materialized as she faced a pulmonary embolism following Olympia’s birth.

Williams’ health concerns did not end there. Her C-section incision reopened due to persistent coughing, requiring additional surgical intervention to treat an abdominal hematoma. Subsequently, she underwent a different procedure to prevent blood clots from reaching her lungs.

The initial six weeks of motherhood were spent in bed, navigating the road to recovery while being separated from her family.

In her heartfelt expression of gratitude, Williams recognized the invaluable support she received from medical professionals and their cutting-edge technology.

She acknowledged that caring for her baby would have been an immense challenge without their assistance. Fueled by her own experiences, Williams passionately advocates for women worldwide to receive the same care and support during childbirth.

Let us extend our heartfelt wishes to Ohanian and Williams, hoping for a healthy and joyous pregnancy journey culminating in the safe delivery of their newest addition to the family!