Sharon Stone can’t stop crying.

The sudden deaths of Patrick Stone, Sharon Stone’s younger brother, and River’s father shocked the Hollywood community.

Following an inquiry, the local coroner’s office classified his death as “sudden cardiac death” caused by heart disease problems. His widow, Tasha, delivered an emotional statement regarding her husband’s sudden demise: “My chest is aching like someone has torn my heart out of it.”

When Patrick left us to be with our beloved River, it took my entire world away. “I’m still shocked and can’t find the words to convey my feelings.”

Only two years after the tragic death of their son, the family is still fighting to come to terms with their recent tragedy. This tragedy serves as a reminder to all of us to appreciate what we have and to never take anything in life for granted.

During this terrible time, Patrick Stone and his family have received condolences from friends and fans alike.

”Even in this trying time, I am grateful for everything our partnership has brought us, and I can’t face the thought of life without them.”

”My deepest desire is for us to be as close and loyal to each other and our children, Hunter, Kaylee, and myself, as we have always been.”

”Whatever happens, these precious moments will be stored within my deepest depths for the rest of my life. I want to keep reviewing these magnificent memories, even if some less-than-wonderful ones join them because it is the sum of all events – good and bad – that form us into who we are today.

The future is unclear without their presence by my side, but I take comfort in knowing they are always in my heart.”

The heartbreaking demise of River William Stone on August 30, 2021, shocked the entire family. Sharon, with two other siblings named Michael and Kelly, remembered her darling baby with an Instagram post that included an excellent video of River having fun in his crib.

“River William Stone September 8, 2020 – August 30, 2021,” her caption said, and she expressed her hope that despite his untimely death, River could spend quality time with his father before they were forced to split ways.

Sharon’s remarks remind us of the value of life and how quickly it may be taken away. It is a sad fact that has caused the excellent family sorrow, but it also serves as an emotional reminder to treasure every bit of life we have left until we meet again someday.

Although only 11 months old, River had already impacted many lives and will live on in the hearts of everyone he met.