Kathleen Turner, the stunning Hollywood actress, was once a sight with her light complexion and piercing blue eyes. Her beauty was well-known, and she had many admirers. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and rendered this once-famous beauty unrecognizable.

Doctors diagnosed Turner with rheumatoid arthritis, an incurable illness that eventually rendered her unable to walk. She started taking medication to prevent the disease from growing, but she ultimately stopped due to the adverse effects of the pills, such as weight gain.

She also had to deal with unpleasant comments from her peers, which led her to seek refuge in drink. She even fainted once during a theater performance.

Kathleen Turner’s physical transition has been dramatic over the years, which is upsetting for those who recall how stunningly gorgeous she once was.

Her sickness has taken a toll on her physique, rendering it nearly unrecognizable compared to what it once was, and episodes of despair have accompanied it due to her disappointment at no longer being able to remain in the spotlight.

This has pushed her away from public life, and she now prefers a life of solitude away from the cameras and glittering events.

The actress chronicled her extraordinary story of heroically seeking to heal herself of the severe and unrelenting sickness she was afflicted with in the 1990s in her comprehensive book.

Because knowledge of this sickness was limited then, people in the film industry suffering from an illness they didn’t understand were denied opportunities.

Thankfully, things have improved over time, and more effective treatments that reduce one’s immune system and assist in improving their health are now available. She voiced her joy and encouragement at this development, which allowed her to regain some strength despite her weaker wrists and difficulty walking on one leg.

Turner, 66, co-starred with Burt Reynolds in the 1988 blockbuster comedy Switching Channel, although their time together did not begin as intended. Kathleen had been practicing for the film with Michael Caine; however, due to other commitments, he could not continue, so the producers substituted him with Burt.

Turner opened up about her time working with Burt, revealing that he wasn’t the best kisser she’d ever met on set. Despite this, Reynolds had a significant impact on the film business before his death in 2018 at the age of 82.

Since then, Turner has worked with many performers in both TV and film productions. She can attest from personal experience that there are terrific and not-so-great partners when filming love sequences. Fortunately for her, none of them were as dubious as Burt Reynolds’ kissing skills!

On one occasion, Kathleen Turner, a renowned actress with a notably rich and deep voice reminiscent of Lauren Bacall’s, stood firmly in the latter’s company, introducing herself as the latter’s younger version.

During her peak years, Kathleen’s beauty was so enticing that men couldn’t help but turn their heads to admire it. Kathleen even went so far as to say that any man who did not do so was gay.

In 1984, Kathleen married Jay Weiss, a real estate agent with whom she would go on to have one daughter. Unfortunately, after 23 years of marriage, the couple divorced permanently in 2007.