She was wandering on the beach when she came across a bottle in the sand.

A woman from Florida was on vacation at the beach when something unexpected happened as she walked along the shoreline as the sun sank.

She came across a plastic bottle with a handwritten note, two 2 dollar bills, and a phone. She was shocked and perplexed about who the objects belonged to and where they came from.

A handwritten inscription in the bottle provided her no indication of their origin or intent.

Judi and her companion were walking down the beach one day when they came across a plastic container washed up on the coast by the waves. They discovered two dollar bills, a cell phone, and what appeared to be coarse sand inside.

They realized the actual nature of their discovery after reading the message borne in with the tide – human ashes. The tearful woman disclosed that these were the remains of a seventy-year-old man who had died.

His suffering wife had arranged for his bones to be put in this container to honor him. Her story moved everyone on the beach, and they silently paid their respects to him.

The note discovered in the bottle had a heartfelt message about an old man named Gordon. His wife wanted to pay tribute to his memories and passion for travel by placing her ashes in a bottle and releasing it into the sea.

When the bottle was recovered, it had a phone number, presumably so that someone might contact Gordon’s widow and learn where he had ended up.

Judy was overjoyed to hear from the man’s wife, who informed her that the bottle containing Gordon’s bones had made it safely from Tennessee to Florida.

She gladly agreed to the woman’s request to reopen it and, as a thank, you, put in an extra dollar for anyone who might have found it. She tossed the bottle back into the sea, closing this fantastic event.