Sneaking Out of the Restaurant

In today’s modern world, we have made great strides in achieving pay equality between men and women. However, there are still some who hold onto outdated beliefs that women should not be paid more.

A Change in Behavior

A woman recently shared her story on Reddit about how her fiancé’s behavior towards her changed after she received a 30% salary increase. They had been engaged for five months and decided not to share finances, as per her fiancé’s preference. However, she noticed that he started using her increased salary to ask her to pay for him and his friends. Whenever she declined or questioned why she should pay, he would retort, “the 30% that’s why.” He was acting as if the 30% increase was unfair or that she did not deserve it.

Couple having a conversation

To make matters worse, he had tricked her into paying for him and his friends before, and she was determined not to let it happen again. She mentioned that several times he had publicly asked her to pay for their meals, and being a kind person who dislikes confrontation, she had reluctantly complied. However, during a dinner with his friends last Tuesday, she made it clear from the beginning that she would not be paying for their food. Her fiancé assured her, saying, “I got this” and “no worries.”

Sneaking Out

But in the middle of their meal, he whispered to her that she would be covering the bill for the entire table. Furious, she whispered back a firm “no.” Knowing that he relied on her aversion to causing a scene in public, he tried to take advantage of the situation, reminding her of her 30% increase and suggesting that she could afford to pay for everyone.

Empty plate

Fuming inside, she decided not to react negatively. Instead, she waited until the bills arrived, paid for her own meal, and excused herself to the restroom. From there, she quietly left the restaurant, got into her car, and went home, leaving her fiancé alone at the table.

Consequences and Reflection

Unsurprisingly, her fiancé started calling and texting her in a panic, wondering where she had gone. She responded, expressing her disappointment with how he had put her in that situation and tricked her into paying for his and his friends’ meals. She told him that she had gone home and ceased further communication.

An upset couple arguing

When he finally arrived home, a heated argument ensued. He called her selfish, irrational, a cheapskate, and childish for sneaking out and leaving him with a bill he couldn’t pay without seeking help from his brother. Eventually, he stormed out. His friends remained silent throughout the ordeal, but he informed her that they were disappointed in her behavior and advised him to reflect on the type of woman he intends to marry.

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