Stephen “tWitch” Boss sadly committed suicide, leaving behind a sorrowful note that related to the challenges he was dealing with. According to law authorities, the message was discovered at the location of tWitch’s demise and provided further insight into his unstable mental state before his death.

The famous DJ and dancer had been dealing with various issues in the days leading up to his suicide, as evidenced by the clues uncovered in tWitch’s notes. As tragic as it is, these pieces of evidence help us comprehend what tWitch was going through before making such a decision.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss could have been suffering from depression or other mental problems, which could have influenced his final decision. Many people have been shaken to their core by the death of someone so beloved and accomplished, yet, it’s vital to remember that mental health concerns are serious issues that should not be taken lightly.

Mental health disorders can impact anyone of any age, color, or socioeconomic background; it is critical to realize this and proceed with caution.

The untimely death of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss was confirmed on Tuesday, December 13th. He’d taken an Uber to a motel less than a mile away and set his phone to airplane mode to avoid receiving incoming calls.

Allison, his wife, arrived at the Los Angeles Police Department the same day, distraught because he rarely left the house without his car or ignored her calls. It was then determined that tWitch had committed suicide in his hotel room by shooting himself in the head.

Many people ask what led him to take such dramatic actions and what type of note he would have left for his loved ones in light of this news.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office confirmed tWitch’s suicide and promptly closed their case file. Allison, his wife, issued a statement expressing her shock and grief at the tragic act, which has crushed her, their three children Maddox, Zaia, and stepdaughter Weslie.

Stephen tWitch’ Boss’s unexpected death has saddened those close to him and fans worldwide who grew to love him during his time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and So You Think You Can Dance.

In light of this tragedy, many people are thinking about mental health concerns and trying to figure out why this seemingly successful individual would take such terrible measures without giving anybody a chance to help or intervene.

Allison was devastated to learn that her beloved husband, Stephen, had abandoned them. This surprised everyone who knew him because they expected nothing but the best from him. He was always full of life, a fantastic provider for his family, and an infinite source of love and light for those around him.

Everyone who has met Stephen knew he was a wonderful person with a solid moral compass and a never-ending desire to help those in need. His legacy will live on perpetually, and no one will forget the difference he made in the lives of so many people during his existence.

Allison requested privacy and understanding from family, friends, and community members at this difficult time. She expressed her undying love for Stephen, claiming she would keep the last dance for him even if he were no longer alive.

Allison reported her husband’s disappearance to LAPD on December 13th after finding he had left his car at home in the Encino neighborhood without responding to any of her calls or messages. This was extremely out of character for Stephen, who was known for always keeping his promises and staying in touch with those close to him.

Stephen’s death has affected many individuals close to him, including not only his family (wife Allison and three children) but also extended relatives, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and followers from all over the world who appreciated everything he stood for in life.

We bid him farewell with heavy hearts, hoping he will rest quietly, knowing how much love is still being sent up to him from around the world.

Stephen and Allison’s relationship began in 2010 when they were standout performers on So You Think You Can Dance season 7. They married after three years of courtship in Paso Robles, California, and had just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary four days before his unexpected death.

Stephen did not check out of the motel on time, causing staff to investigate and dial 911. It was then that they learned of his death. Allison was already a mother to her 14-year-old daughter Weslie Fowler at the time of their marriage, in addition to raising three children. She has given birth to two additional children, Maddox, who is six years old, and Zaia, who is three years old.