Allison Holker has been forced to split with her beloved spouse Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who passed away on December 14. The mother of three recounted her late husband’s impact on those around him and how much he prioritized his family, friends, and community in a sorrowful statement announcing his passing.

Holker stated that Stephen’s presence lighted up every room he entered, showing how highly he valued connections with those closest to him. Many will remember him warmly for his tremendous capacity to make others smile and feel comfortable in his company.

Stephen was a proponent of positivism who stressed the importance of being good to others whenever possible. In honor of his memory, we may all continue his passion for making life better for the people around us.

Allison and everyone who knew Stephen was devastated by his untimely death. His disappearance has left a void in their lives, but they hope their love will live on in the cherished memories of their time together.

Boss pursued more success by joining Ellen DeGeneres’ crew as a DJ in 2014; six years later, he was elevated to co-executive producer while frequently stepping up to anchor the talk show until its cancellation in 2022. As if that wasn’t enough, his appearances on Ellen’s Game of Games were also a pleasure for viewers.

Stephen Boss left a lasting legacy that will be remembered fondly by future generations: steadfast love for his family and passion for his craft. His wife brilliantly echoed this attitude when she said, “I’m convinced that there will never be a day when we don’t remember him” – something everyone can take comfort from during this painful time.

Boss and Holker paid tribute to one other on social media four days before his unexpected death, celebrating nine years of marriage bliss. Holker expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the trip they had taken together and posted a message on Instagram reflecting the tremendous influence of their relationship.

She stated: “Our tenth wedding anniversary is today! I am honored to be able to commemorate such a significant occasion. Deciding to say yes to my beloved @sir twitch a lot was undoubtedly one of the wisest decisions I have ever made in my life, and I will never take this great connection we share for granted.”

The pair also revealed bits of their lives as husband and wife on social media, such as brief videos of them dancing together and photographs of their family. This gave their followers insight into their wondrous love and appreciation for one another, which was eloquently reflected in Holker’s moving message. With these remarks, she communicated her undying gratitude for Boss’ presence in her life and her resolve to treasure every moment they had spent together.