Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie are celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

Marjorie relished sharing a recent film that captured her and her acclaimed television presenter husband’s lovely moments during their enchanting break in Lake Como, Italy.

The caption for the video read, “In the realm of our anniversary, cherishing moments with the Love of My Life.” Steve and Marjorie Harvey are pleased to be enjoying 16 years of love!

The famous Family Feud host, 66, and his adored wife, 58, turned to Instagram to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They generously gave a behind-the-scenes look at their incredible anniversary photo shoot.

Elly Karamoh, the talented stylist in charge of designing the Harveys’ outfit for this momentous occasion, stated that the couple traveled to Lake Como, Italy, to commemorate their incredible milestone.

Marjorie meticulously captured their visit through engaging movies, showing them going hand in hand down stately staircases, exchanging passionate glances, and standing together by the tranquil lake.

The couple’s several passionate kisses further demonstrated their undeniable affection. Marjorie described one of these sweet films, accompanied by the melodious love song “ICU” by Coco Jones, as “An extraordinary moment to celebrate our Anniversary with the Love of My Life.”

Steve also uploaded the same video, emphasizing their ongoing strength as a marriage with the simple yet poignant phrase, “Still going strong.”

Continuing his sincere expressions, the TV personality addressed Marjorie as “Baby” on his Instagram Story, further underlining his devotion to his beloved wife.

Celebrities like the great actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and the amusing comedian Deon Cole, who excitedly bombarded the Harveys’ anniversary posts with good wishes, showered the comment sections with their good wishes.

“Maaan, this is everything to me!” Cole jokingly shouted. Robinson applauded the couple and said, “Yeasssss! If only I could be as devoted.”

Harvey, well-known for his impeccable sense of style, wowed onlookers with his dashing appearance in a custom-made gold tweed jacket by Dolce & Gabbana, perfectly paired with an ethereal white suit from Loewe. This gorgeous attire was showcased in an enthralling Instagram post by the great stylist Karamoh.

Marjorie, for her part, complimented her husband’s suit with a magnificent anniversary ensemble. Her gorgeous ensemble included a backless YSL gown with a seductive thigh-high leg split, complementing a great fur-trimmed cape.

She exuded ageless beauty and grace, adorned with an intricate updo and brilliant jewels.

Steve and Marjorie met by chance in a comedy club in 1990, which led to a brief romantic relationship before they parted ways.

Fate intervened, rekindling their love, and in 2007, they cemented their love with poignant vows, embarking on an endless adventure together.

The presence of their seven children — Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Wynton, Morgan, Jason, and Lori — has blessed the couple’s enduring love story.

In addition, the Harveys have been blessed with seven grandkids, which adds even more delight and depth to their growing family tree.