The passing of Steve Irwin, in 2006 shook the whole globe. Irwin passed away at the age of 44, and his demise struck fans all across the world like a ton of bricks. Irwin is still thought of as one of the most endearing and fascinating people in the world sixteen years after his death.

During a recent appearance for the Australian television program “Anh’s Brush With Fame,” Terri Irwin discussed the tragic passing of her late husband, Steve Irwin.

The 53-year-old widow has been fighting against the practice of culling, which involves killing animals on purpose to reduce their population. In the tearful interview, Mrs. Irwin told the supporters of her late husband that he always thought that he will live a short life.

Tragically, a stingray killed Steve Irwin while filming “Ocean’s Deadliest.” Terri, his wife, was told to call her zoo manager. It was exceedingly challenging for her to inform their kids, Bindi and Robert. Terri recalled the feeling of responsibility and anguish she experienced when she learned the news.

Terri has been widowed for 16 years by Steve Irwin, and she still experiences pain. According to her interview, “Every day is hard, and after 16 years, the sadness stops being a rock in your heart and starts walking beside you.”

It’s constantly there, and I never really know when it will hit me. Terri always misses Steve, but she considers herself fortunate to have shared her “happily ever after” with him.

On September 4, 2006, Steve Irwin, 44, passed away while shooting a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef close to Port Douglas. He was stabbed by a stingray’s barb, which caused him to bleed to death.

Terri, Steve’s wife, acknowledges that Steve would have been astounded by the outpouring of compassion that followed the announcement of his passing.

Steve left behind his wife and two small children, who shared their father’s passion for nature. Terri claims that despite Steve’s prominence throughout the years, he never allowed it to affect him negatively.

“He would have been amazed, according to her, by the outpouring of affection and mourning following his passing.”

It is obvious why Steve Irwin was so adored by people worldwide, and his family is carrying on his legacy today. His genuine character and commitment to conservation are remarkable and something we can all take inspiration from.

Steve truly is an inspiration to all of us and will always be cherished. Steve, thank you for everything.