Story – God Created Woman

Story – God Created Woman

When the sixth day of divine creation ended, God found Himself methodically building women, which required His complete attention.

During these twilight hours, an angelic apparition graced the scene, their ethereal countenance lit up with interest. “Why, in all creation, do You devote such profound time to her?” the angel enquired as he gazed upon the holy work in progress.

“Can you fathom the intricacies of the specifications I must fulfill to mold her into existence?” said the Lord, with divine patience.

The lady taking shape was destined to manage life’s many complexities, adapting fluidly to changing circumstances. She was to have the extraordinary power to surround numerous youngsters in her maternal arms simultaneously.

Furthermore, her touch was supposed to have the ability to heal anything from a skinned knee to a shattered soul. She was supposed to do all this with the skill of two hands. “Think about it,” the Lord said, “she heals her ailments and devotes herself tirelessly for up to eighteen hours a day.”

The revelations moved the angel to tears, and he stood in awe. “A mere pair of hands—this is the standard embodiment?” they were perplexed.

The Lord drew the angel closer with an appealing gesture, asking them to observe the crowning touch of His creation. The angel reached out and delicately touched the woman’s figure. “Lord, her exterior is so gentle, so fragile,” the angel observed, their voice resonating with genuine compassion.

“Indeed, she possesses softness, but beneath that gentle exterior lies immeasurable strength,” the Lord said with kind reassurance.

The angel’s curiosity knew no limitations, urging them to inquire deeper. “Can she comprehend the realm of thought?” they wondered, anxious to learn more about her essence.

“Not only does she possess the gift of thought,” the Lord said, “but she is also endowed with the faculties of reason and negotiation, a testament to her remarkable intellect.”

“Lord, there appears to be a flaw, a leak in this creation,” the angel noted as they extended their hand to touch her exquisite face.

The Lord corrected the angel’s view with compassionate clarity, adding, “It’s not a flaw; it’s a tear, a profound expression of the emotions that course through her very being.”

“And what purpose does this tear serve?” the angel inquired, his curiosity undeterred. As they awaited the Lord’s response, they were interested in the developing revelation.