Take a big breath before seeing “Dallas” star Linda Gray, who is 82.

Linda Gray was filled with joy as a child when she was allowed to hang out around movie studios in Culver City, California. This experience would later encourage her to pursue a career as an actress.

Her father always encouraged her ambitions, but her home life was different. Due to their mother’s long-term drinking, Linda and her sister had to care for the house when they were young.

Despite her difficulties, Linda became one of television’s most recognizable characters as Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas.

Linda married Edward Lee Thrasher when she was 21, and the couple had two children. While she relished the role of mother, her husband interfered with her acting ambitions.

Linda’s life was “blurred,” even though she didn’t drink much or get angry. She often forgot to buy food, so she and her sister had to cook for themselves.

In her book, The Way to Happiness is Always Under Construction, Linda wrote about this challenging time. Still, she finally got up the courage to go to acting school and start doing commercials.

Linda was paid $25 in 1967 for her appearance as Anne Bancroft’s body double on the movie poster for The Graduate.

She had no idea that this would pave the way for her eventual part as Mrs. Robinson in the West End State version of The Graduate many years later, in 2001.

In the 1960s, when Linda was trying to build her career, Glamour Magazine sent her a letter telling her she wasn’t good enough. Despite her disappointment, she decided not to let this failure define her.

Instead, she kept it to remind herself that even the most significant victories come with setbacks and that she should never give up on her goals.

Linda Gray made her television debut as Sue Ellen Ewing in the series Dallas, in which she appeared in 308 episodes.

Her energetic personality shone through when she got the letter offering her the job. She was determined to show everyone that they were wrong, and she couldn’t be stopped.

Her relationship with Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing on the show, was similar to that of an older brother and younger sister.

He often did terrible things to get Linda’s attention. She would tell him to stop and ask him to better care of himself.

Even though they made fun of each other, they liked each other a lot, and their friendship was shown on screen as fans watched their characters complicated relationships grow over time.

Linda Gray’s career in Dallas was recognized with numerous prizes and honors, including two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress – Television Series Drama and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress.

Larry Hagman had been adamant that she be restored after she had been fired owing to her desire for a wage raise.

Linda Gray also had a son named Jeff Thrasher, who became a director like his mother. Regrettably, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2020 and died.

This had a profound impact on Linda and devastated her. Linda wrote a vibrant tribute to her loving son, “A celebration of my son Jeff’s life,” to honor him.

He offered the world so much love and joy that everyone around him adored him! “May his soul continue on its enchanted voyage.”

Linda is grieving her darling son’s loss while attempting to continue with her life. Despite her late age of 82, her beauty and charm remain.

During this challenging time, she has shown great courage and strength, encouraging those around her to keep going despite their problems.

It is evident that no effort can fill the vacuum left in her heart.