Tammy Slaton, one of the “1,000-Lb Sisters,” has updated her photos following her weight loss transformation.

Tammy Slaton, the beloved star of the reality show “1,000-Lb. Sisters,” has experienced a remarkable transformation on her weight loss journey. In the show’s previous season, the 36-year-old accomplished the necessary milestones to qualify for weight-loss surgery, which has been a turning point in her life.

Recently, Tammy took to Instagram to share her progress with her dedicated fanbase. She confidently showcased her slimmer figure in a series of captivating photos posted, dressed in an aqua-green top and her trademark sunglasses.

Although she still relies on an oxygen tube to aid her breathing, her inner strength and determination shine through.

Tammy’s followers were quick to shower her with praise upon seeing the images. One supporter exclaimed, “You’re wonderful inside and out! Your transformation is incredible!” The positive feedback continued pouring in, with another person commenting, “Look at your eyes!

They have become so radiant and captivating since you shed all that weight. You’ve done a fantastic job.” Tammy’s remarkable weight loss journey has also resulted in an increased presence on social media, where she shares her experiences with an eager audience.

On Thursday, the 1000-Lb. Sisters actress playfully poked fun at her continued fondness for diet soda by sharing pictures of herself enjoying a bottle of Diet Coke on her Instagram Story.

Accompanying the photos, the 36-year-old wrote, “LOL, I have become a diet soda ambassador.” Embracing her sense of humor, Tammy lightened the mood and connected with her fans on a relatable level.

She had a girls’ night out with her friend and sister, Amy Slaton, further showcasing her progress. Amy documented the outing on Instagram, capturing moments of Tammy confidently moving without a wheelchair or walker.

The comments section was flooded with compliments, acknowledging Tammy’s newfound attractiveness and applauding her resilience.

One viewer emotionally remarked, “Witnessing Tammy stand on her own is incredibly heartwarming.” Another chimed in, “Way to go, Tammy! We are proud of your remarkable progress.” The most recent season of “1,000-Lb.

Sisters” has provided viewers with a front-row seat to Tammy’s metamorphosis, chronicling her time at a weight loss rehabilitation facility in Ohio. In a particularly memorable episode, Tammy achieved the weight loss required to become eligible for the life-changing surgery.

She triumphantly went from a staggering 717 pounds to an impressive 534 pounds, surpassing her target weight by approximately 14 pounds.
Reflecting on her achievement, Tammy shared her joy episode: “When I stepped on the scale and saw 534.7, I was momentarily breathless.”

That’s a significant decrease from over 700 pounds. I’m feeling thrill, pride, and excitement—all the emotions. This milestone is a testament to my determination to prove all the doubters wrong. It’s my ‘I told you so’ moment.”

Tammy Slaton’s incredible weight loss journey continues to captivate audiences, inspiring countless individuals who face similar challenges. With her unwavering spirit and newfound confidence, she has become an icon of resilience and a beacon of hope for those striving to improve their lives.