“That wasn’t beautiful,” Jon Bon Jovi reveals his previous mental health issues.

Jon Bon Jovi offered a touching homage to his late bandmate, Alec John Such, who passed away at 70.

The singer-songwriter acknowledged the importance of Such’s contribution to developing their music as a group and expressed how much he will be missed.

Bon Jovi has had a successful career, and he has had a large fan base.

One of them is his wife, Dorthea Hurley, on whom he lavishes praise for her excellent help with his mental health. Her help has been described as “phenomenal” by him.

Richie Sambora had been a regular and vital part of the rock band Bon Jovi for three decades. Nevertheless, in 2013, he abruptly departed the organization without explanation.

The singer-songwriter felt enormous pressure due to his abrupt departure, which was considered hard on him for the next three years.

Dorothea Hurley, his high school friend and now wife, supported him throughout his difficult times, allowing him to get through it all.

In 2016, Bon Jovi stated that he was unsure how he would have survived without her presence during that terrible moment.

Jon Bon Jovi was at the peak of his success in 1991, but he was dealing with his mental health and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Everything went wrong on his trip to see a psychotherapist along the Pacific Coast Highway, and he considered jumping out of the moving automobile.

Later on, Jon noticed parallels between his challenges back then and now. He didn’t detail how awful things got back then, but he did admit it wasn’t pretty.

To cope with his emotions, the Livin’ on a Prayer singer works with his wife to manage his mental health difficulties.

The musician talked about his mental health problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic while preparing for a gig in America.

He discovered numerous obstacles to overcome this time, but no genuine relief or comfort was in sight. Acting had previously served as an escape for him, but he could not find the same type of peace this time.