The “1000-Lb Sisters” have released new photos of Tammy Slaton in a wheelchair appreciating a lakeside sunset.

The recognized television personality and star of the popular show “1000-Lb Sisters” has recently made news, as her committed weight loss efforts continue to astound and inspire her admirers. Tammy Slaton is enjoying the outdoors and some well-deserved downtime this summer.

The 36-year-old diva displayed her calm moments by the river, securely seated in a wheelchair, in a series of fascinating Instagram photos.

With the great expanse of the sea as her backdrop, Slaton exuded confidence in a brilliant pink costume and a lovely butterfly-shaped clip in her hair.

Many fans praised her relentless drive to lose weight and celebrated her newfound penchant for traveling beyond the limits of her house in the comments section of her Instagram photo.

“Tammy, your progress is phenomenal, and we stand firmly behind you every step of the way!” stated one loyal fan. Another fan commented, expressing excitement at seeing Slaton’s exploration of the world after losing weight. The outpouring of love and support was tremendous.

Slaton recently made headlines when she surprised her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, with a poignant birthday gift. She shook the doctor by showing up unannounced at his office and stating that she had said goodbye to her oxygen tube and could now walk alone.

The emotional scene was captured and published on Instagram, where Slaton joyfully stated, “Something’s missing!” while embracing Dr. Smith. “No more air!” remarked the physician, taken away by the extraordinary progress. This is simply incredible!”

Slaton disclosed that she had gone two weeks without using her oxygen tube. Dr. Smith praised the unexpected encounter as the “ultimate birthday gift,” saying Slaton’s determination and achievement significantly moved him.

Later, the reality star marked the occasion by posing for a photo with Dr. Smith and her brother Chris, beaming with delight and contentment.

Slaton had spoken out about her tremendous progress in May, relishing in the glory of her dramatic weight-loss operation.

She reflected on her journey, recalling a near-death incident before surgery, when she had to be placed on a ventilator and induced into a medically induced coma due to respiratory difficulties.

“I finally came to my senses and chose the surgery,” Slaton explained. I worked hard to rebuild my lungs, which allowed me to say goodbye to the tracheostomy tube and, more recently, my dependency on oxygen throughout the day.”

“During the day, I only require the assistance of my BiPap machine and oxygen use is limited to the night,” she explained. I keep track of my oxygen levels throughout the day and always keep my machine nearby.”

Slaton exuded contagious enthusiasm for her success on her weight-loss journey and deep gratitude for the gift of life.

Her perseverance and unflinching drive serve as an example to numerous others around the world, demonstrating that transformation and personal growth can be attained through determination and self-belief.