The Angel’s Title

In the realms of celestial delight, a tender voice pierced through the divine atmosphere. A newborn, on the verge of departing for the earthly realm, sought clarification from the divine source.

In a whisper laden with innocence, the tiny being questioned God about the challenges awaiting it in the unfamiliar world. “How can I survive on Earth, so small and vulnerable?” it asked, seeking solace and guidance.

With a gentle and reassuring tone, God responded, “Fear not, little one, for I shall assign an angel to be your steadfast guardian. Your angel shall watch you diligently, ensuring your well-being and safety.”

Curiosity still twinkled in the eyes of the newborn, who continued to seek understanding. “My happiness stems from singing and smiling effortlessly in this heavenly abode. How will I find joy on Earth?”

God elucidated with infinite love and wisdom, “Your angel, in your stead, shall sing the most enchanting melodies and offer radiant smiles. You shall bask in the profound affection of your angel and be overwhelmed with boundless joy.”

Eager to unravel the mysteries of existence, the infant inquired, “But how will I comprehend the words spoken by others when I am unfamiliar with their language?”

God’s divine assurance flowed forth, “Fear not, dear child, for your angel shall whisper the most beautiful and sweet words into your delicate ears. With utmost patience and tender care, your angel shall impart the gift of language, enabling you to understand and express yourself.”

A deep sense of longing resonated within the newborn’s innocent soul as it pondered, “When the desire to communicate with You stirs within me, how shall I make my voice reach Your divine presence?”

God’s response carried a sense of divine intimacy. “Your angel shall lovingly guide your tiny hands, demonstrating the art of prayer. Your words shall transcend the earthly realm through this sacred connection, reaching Me in the highest heavens.”

Yet, a trace of melancholy tinged the baby’s voice as it expressed a heartfelt concern, “Who shall safeguard me amidst the trials and tribulations of Earth’s domain?”

With unwavering reassurance, God declared, “Your angel shall be your unwavering protector, willing to sacrifice its very existence for your sake. It shall shield you from harm’s way, even if it means risking its own life.”

A hint of sorrow laced the infant’s words, for they comprehended the impending separation from the divine presence. “Though I shall no longer gaze upon Your glorious countenance, a profound sadness shall linger within my heart.”

God’s voice resonated with eternal love, “Even though you may not perceive Me with your mortal eyes, I shall forever remain by your side. I shall manifest and guide you through your angel, teaching you the path that leads back to Me.”

As the celestial realm brimmed tranquility, a sense of urgency coursed through the young one’s spirit. It prayed fervently, “Oh God, before I depart for the earthly plane, please reveal to me the name of my angel.”

The faint echoes of Earth’s clamor reverberated in the background, reminding the child of his imminent departure. With a tender smile, God whispered, “You shall address your angel with the most sacred of names: ‘Mom.’”